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zookeeper from australia shares his love for animals - thumbnail of zookeeper hugging koala bear and koala kissing his forehead

Australian Zookeeper Reveals Behind-The-Scenes Look Into His Wild Job

And it's awakening everyone's love for animals
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koalas rescue firefighters australia american crash fires bushfires rescued honoring news sad heartbreaking | photos of three men who perished while on duty in australia one wearing a headset one in a military jacket and one on the beach

Rescued Koalas Named After Fallen Firefighters During Australia's Wildfire

Both heartbreaking and heartwarming at the same time.
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tweets twitter dog toy wholesome australia bushfires | tweet by dog_rates This is OJ. After safely evacuating, him and his family returned their home Wairewa, Australia yesterday find entirely destroyed by fires. But amongst rubble, OJ found his favorite toy had survived. 14/10 never letting go again. photo of a golden retriever lying on ashy ground chewing on a plush toy

Family Returns Home After Australia Bushfire To Discover Dog's Toy Survived

OJ and his family return home to find everything in ruins except on thing
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heroes teens rescue koalas australia australian bushfire news | two koalas resting inside a car, one lying down on the seat and another hanging from the seatbelt

Aussie Teens Rescue Koalas In Fire Zone And Load Them Into Their Car

Two Aussie teens have been named heroes for rescuing injured koalas
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animals australia fire news heartbreaking devastating koalas kangaroos | kangaroo jumping in front of a fire in a field

Devastating News: Half A Billion Animals Have Perished In Australian Bushfires

It has been reported that nearly 500 million animals have perished since the start of the raging fires.
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