On "Bulldogs Are Beautiful" Day We Remember Those Who Have Joined The Hall Of Shame

Bulldogs are known for the stocky physique, wrinkly faces, and short snouts. While not the most elegant of dogs, many people find bulldogs to be cute and lovable. The national "Bulldogs are Beautiful" Day, celebrated every year on April 21st, aims to show this appreciation through celebrating this adorable breed.

How about celebrating it with some bulldogs who have been bad bad boys and have officially joined the hall of shame? 

Baggy bulldogs website is a place to share your love for bulldogs and we have collected some of the funniest shaming notes their users have shared. 

Bulldog shaming | ATE ALL CATS FOOD AGAIN! H am bad bulldog | SNORE LIKE TRUCKER. SOMETIMES SCARE MYSELF cute bull dogs with signs around their necks
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