I Can Has Cheezburger?


tumblr thread about a person befriending a wasp and her family | thumbnail includes a picture of a wasp and a part of a tumblr thread 'Plant - So instead of removing the nest and poisoning her with bug spray, you know what I did? I moved the area where I dump my things and started feeding her. I would tap three times on the railing before leaving a treat like fruit, honey, dog food, or pesky beetles I find in my garden, then move away to give them lots of space. Now when she comes out,'

Tumblr Thread: The Story Of A Person Actually Befriending A Wasp And Her Family

It's important to educate people about animals that are typically hated too <3
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video about inner workings of cocooon | thumbnail animated image of cocoon, green background

Inner Workings Of Caterpillar Cocoons Explained (Video)

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tumblr posts about cats versus bugs | thumbnail includes a tumblr thread 'Font - breadbench Follow me whispering to my cat and pointing at a bug in my room: eat it secular-space-witch also me lifting my cat up toward the ceiling so he can reach a bug: get it 221,254 notes Rectangle - erevas Follow There was one time I swatted a crane fly out of the air and then panicked because l couldn't find it, only to turn around and see my 15 year old diabetic cat coming at me at a full sprint, snatching t'

Humans Using Cats As Shields From Bugs: Funny Tumblr Posts

The cat: looking at us like we're dumb.
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12 reddit text images story of dog bug hunting | thumbnail background cavalier dog "Posted by u/WDfx2EU 6 days ago 2425 S 4 1.4k My dog and I have developed a ritual for hunting bugs in the house, and nothing makes him happier!"

Excited Doggo Develops Silly Bug Hunting Ritual, Is A Happy Boi (Reddit Thread)

Truly heartwarming, RIP bugs
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video of insects in flight | thumbnail two insects "flight"

Extraordinary Portraits of Insects in Flight (Video)

Extraordinary world of insects in flight
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video of 7 moth species analyzed in slow motion | thumbnail image of moth close up colorful with word "moths" in white text purple background

7 Spectacular Moths in Slow Motion

These spectacular moths were released after filming
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16 fuzzy moth pictures |

Heckin' Fuzzy Moths That Could Replace Your Old Teddy Bear

Fluffy bugs are cute too!
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Facebook comments about cats attacking bugs | thumbnail includes one Facebook comment 'Font - Top Fan Jeffrey Small A really large moth the size of a hummingbird flew in our bedroom one evening. I wasn't worried and let it be but my wife didn't like it. A little while later our new kitten came in, jumped up and swatted it to the ground and ran off with it. She is my wife's hero now. D9 14 Like · Reply · Message 3d'

Heroic Cats Saving Humans From Terrifying Bugs (ICanHasCheezburger Edition)

Our heroes.
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13 images of blue bees| thumbnail blue bee taking nectar from purple flower

Carpenter Bees: Blue Beauty With An Impressive Coat Of Fuzz

Gentle Reminder That Bees Can Be Blue: Queen Bee Vibes
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12 cicada images news story |thumbnail left cicada sitting at table with fake hot dog prop, thumbnail right cicada in police officer costume and toy truck

Father Daughter Duo Put Cicadas Into Cute Poses For Wholesome Photoshoot

Insect Photoshoot Organized By Dad And Daughter
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pictures of the Picasso bug thumbnail includes two up-close pictures of the Sphaerocoris annulus

Beautiful African Bug Looks Like A Picasso Painting

One of the rare bugs that we think are super beautiful.
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Excuse me... what?!

funny tweet | WHO-TV @whiotv Do you know what to do if you're bitten by a tarantula hawk wasp? frank lotion @GucciClout by a WHAT
Via @whiotv
stunning images of colorful mantises - thumbnail includes two images of colorful mantises, one of a pastel rainbow and one like a starry sky

Stunning And Colorful Mantises (12 Images)

Jaw-dropping colors
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colorful and beautiful peacock spiders - thumbnail includes two images of peacock spiders

Colorful And Oddly Adorable Peacock Spiders

Another Spooktober special
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colorful and beautiful insect photographs from photographer pavan kumar - thumbnail includes two images one of a colorful spider and one of a colorful fly

Striking Microscopic Insect Photography By Pavan Kumar

Interview with Photographer
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caterpillar feet cute closeup aww insects bugs caterpillars tiny prolegs pics

Close-ups Of Caterpillar 'Feet' (12 Pics)

Because why not
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