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video of cat attempting to hunt bug | thumbnail image of black and white cat attempting to hunt flying bug

Determined Cat Cutely Attempts To Hunt Elusive Flying Bug (Video)

More of a cuddler than a hunter
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video about inner workings of cocooon | thumbnail animated image of cocoon, green background

Inner Workings Of Caterpillar Cocoons Explained (Video)

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Facebook comments about cats attacking bugs | thumbnail includes one Facebook comment 'Font - Top Fan Jeffrey Small A really large moth the size of a hummingbird flew in our bedroom one evening. I wasn't worried and let it be but my wife didn't like it. A little while later our new kitten came in, jumped up and swatted it to the ground and ran off with it. She is my wife's hero now. D9 14 Like · Reply · Message 3d'

Heroic Cats Saving Humans From Terrifying Bugs (ICanHasCheezburger Edition)

Our heroes.
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pictures of the Picasso bug thumbnail includes two up-close pictures of the Sphaerocoris annulus

Beautiful African Bug Looks Like A Picasso Painting

One of the rare bugs that we think are super beautiful.
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They Taste Like Chicken

animals bug caption biker - 8797949440
See all captions Created by MuttMeat

Get in my belly! You big bug!

bug food funny frog - 8585327104
See all captions Created by rucussing

Caterpillar is Lost

gifs insect butterfly bug crawl plant lost caterpillar - 6836791040
Created by Unknown

Get it Away! Burn it with Fire!

bug disgusting go away gross murder no wtf - 5472589568
Via that s**t is funny

You're a Sight for Sore Eyes

bug mantis sight - 7808289024
See all captions Created by deescazz

How to Find a Bug in Your House

fly Staring bug funny - 7565146880
Via Reddit

Well, That Was Gross

gross bug - 7510763776
Created by Unknown

OMG Gross! It Almost Touched Me!

cat gross bug spider funny - 7020090112
See all captions Created by TooManyCats

Somebody Help!

cat bug crab funny - 6998601984
See all captions Created by xenedar


llama whatsit Fluffy bug whatsit wednesday squee caterpillar - 6981342464
Created by Unknown

Gorgeous Caterpillar

gifs insect wtf bug crawl pretty caterpillar - 6984121600
Created by Unknown

Is That a Pokemon?

gifs Pokémon insect bug caterpillar - 6972453376
Created by Unknown
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