I Can Has Cheezburger?


viral thread about a dog who broke his leg thumbnail includes a picture of a dog lying on his side with a broken leg '"This is Samuel the night he broke his leg. He stole some firewood and zoomied a bit, followed by a hop in the air to grab the firewood back after taken away. Big snap and big cries. I held his leg while Doc wrapped and splinted his leg. I could feel and hear the bones scrape together as he was wrapping it." - punmom'

Heartwarming Recovery Story Of Dog That Broke Its Leg From Overexcitement

Accidents happen...
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tumblr thread about a cat who doesn't know how to meow thumbnail includes a picture of two orange cats with the caption 'Text - Simcoe (left) and Citra (right), both girls. Both rescues. Both biological litter mates (sisters). Both long term loving projects to teach human trust to. Simcoe got 100% of the meowing capabilities.'

Tumblr Thread: Cat That Is Really Bad At Meowing

Some cats just don't know how to cat.
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Fifteen Broken Cats Who Have Amusingly Stopped Working | broken animals poroken_an.mals Signaling the Mothership black cat standing on its back legs like a human

Fifteen Broken Cats Who Have Stopped Working (Tweets)

Broken cats
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snails clinic veterinarian shell broken snail - 1551365

Woman Accidentally Steps on a Snail, but Instead of Walking Away, She Takes It to the Vet

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Does This Joke Have a Point?

animals basement cat pencil random thought broken caption - 8800324864
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Human, Why You Do This?

humany why you do this
Via @EmrgencyKittens
costume broken beagle dress Video - 70376449

I Think My Beagle is Broken

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Your Monday Morning Commute Looks Meowserable

animals FAIL monorail cat broken Cats power - 8477465600
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Pls to Apply Noms and Try Again

animals tired service dogs broken golden retriever - 8469578496
See all captions Created by MirageBD

Like an Animal!

bones gerbil attack neck story broken Cats - 8470516992
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And Then He Grew Up and Broke Everything

puppy broken squee - 8454183936
Cats broken jerk Video - 68670209

Sorry Human, but I Must Destroy This

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Your Lolcat is Overheated

fix broken Cats - 8442839808
See all captions Created by RA_BH

Hey Mate! I Think Your Dog is Broken

broken i have no idea what im doing - 8356922112
Created by anselmbe

Must Not be an Ultrasonic Bird...

birds broken funny - 8229513472
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Looks Comfy...

Cats broken funny uncomfortable - 8226871040
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