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Guy Finds Caterpillars In Tesco Broccoli And Raises Them Into Butterflies (Twitter Thread) | Sam O Hey @Tesco I was about to cook my favourite vegetable of all time (broccoli) and after unwrapping it. to my surprise, found caterpillars inside! They're really nice and we've ended up keeping one as a pet and naming him. but just as a heads up, some of your broc has pillars..

Guy Finds Caterpillars In Tesco Broccoli And Raises Them Into Butterflies (Twitter Thread)

Caterpillars In Tesco Broccoli
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Meet Broccoli, The Cheeky Little Kitty Who Gets a Pension From The Swiss Army

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This Cat Could Not Be More Confused About What to Do With a Piece of Broccoli

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If Only We All Loved Eating Veggies as Much as This Prairie Dog Does

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What Is This? A Tree House for Ants!?

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Hungry Parrot Asks for a Very Specific Vegetable Snack

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Eatin' Muh Veggiez

broccoli caption - 8753610752
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PSA: Remember to Eat Your Vegetables!

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Hold it Right There Human

gifs broccoli noms Cats thief - 8451596288
Via SirenaBonita

Yoda Cat Senses a Disturbance

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My Broccoli!

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Maw Fawborit

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Reader Squee: Broccoli

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Om nom nom

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Reader Squee: Fluffernutter with Broccoli

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