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12 reddit text images dog custody battle | thumbnail blue background dog bottom right corner text "Dog custody in break up [Help] My live in boyfriend and I are breaking up, and moving out of our shared apartment. Our dog adores both of us, and we each adore our dog. Our dog likes routine and does not like moving between different locations."

Couple Seeks Advice On Dog Custody Debacle After Recent Break Up: Reddit Thread

Custody battle doggo edition
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comics showing why cat is so important after breakup | HE GIVES LOVE TIPS Send him pic butt. OCATSASSX TOPITO

These Comics Prove That All You Need Is a Cat After a Break Up

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broke up

before boyfriend breakup caption captioned cat hiding leaving noahs ark rain regret umbrella - 4913786112
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breakup caption compassion depressed feel better relationships sea sharks - 4704131072
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It's not you, it's me.

breakup caption captioned cat contempt correction me wait you - 4067821824
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