I Can Has Cheezburger?


15 cats in boxes | thumbnail left two cats looking at each other in cardboard box, thumbnail right white kitty paws in tiny box

Cats In Boxes: Friendly Felines Relaxing In The Most Comfortable Of Cardboard Boxes

Take a seat, stay awhile
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12 images of cats im boxes with text \ thumbnail two cats in two large boxes labled "trash" and "donate"

Benevolent Cats Comfortably Relaxing In Boxes Of Ranging Size And Structure

Surprise! It's a box
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24 pictures of cats in boxes | thumbnail left cat with leg in small green box, thumbnail right cat sitting in coke bottle box

Surprise, It's A Cat: Cozy Felines Relaxing In Cardboard Boxes

Why do they like cardboard boxes so heckin much
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list of 15 cat in box images | thumbnail two pictures of cats in boxes

Cats, Boxes, Cats in Boxes: 15 Fresh Images Of A Delightful Phenomenon

If I Fits, I Sits! Sweet Kitties Are Completely Memorized By The Enticement Of Boxes
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pictures of cat castles and jungle gyms made entire out of boxes thumbnail includes two pictures including one of a bunch of cats inside of a huge cardboard castle and another of an enormous cardboard castle shaped like a dinosaur for cats

Box-Loving Cats Getting Entire Castles Made Of Boxes

big box love requires big box
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a cover image for a list of cats in cardboard boxes of different sizes, the cover image shows a cat sitting in a very small box with a larger box next to it.

Cats And Their Weird Obsession With Boxes (Photos)

Cats who fell for the box
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Cat Food Brand Ships Its Products In Boxes That Double As Play Structures For Felines | Transform this box into Paw Puzzler provides hours feline fascination. Eat play, parr Cat Person Cat Person

Cat Food Brand Ships Its Products In Boxes That Double As Play Structures For Felines

Shipping boxes for cats
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funny cats lol video youtube aww boxes fits sits solid liquid animals

Cat Logic Presents "If It Fits, I Sits" (Video)

Must. Squeeze. In.
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aww boxes youtube cute cardboard box Cats funny Video - 813574

Cats Vs Boxes: A Video We Can Watch Forever

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Maru Tries on a New Box

GIF of Maru the Cat exploring a new box and getting his head stuck in it
Via Maru The Cat | KnowYourMeme.com

People My Age...

boxes cat meme cat people Cats - 9297325824
Via Cats On Catnip
cute cat inside a box

This Study Proves: Cats Are Less Stressed When They Have Access To Cardboard Boxes

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cute cats playing with boxes

These Cats Are Miserably Failing While Trying To Play With Their Boxes (Gifs)

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funny kittens lolcats meowing adorable boxes kitten cute cute cats lol funny cats meow Cats funny - 6034437

20 All New Cats That Refuse To Leave Their Boxes

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cats sitting in things

'If I fits, I sits' - The Twitter Edition (New pics)

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boxes love Cats Video - 90153473

Why Cats Love Boxes So Much

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