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boxer boxers play dead playing dead silly dog Video - 33430529

VIDEO: Boxers Play Dead

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move outta the way

boxer cat move nope puppy push - 5765880064
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Can You Spot Me, Bro?

boxer exercise - 5736958464
Created by _C_A_T_ ( Via videos.icanhascheezburger.com )


Gif of a dog asking if he wants to go for a walk and he is just too excited, so probably yes.

It's Hypnotizing...

bacon boxer derp mastiff tongue tongue out whatbreed whoa - 5736688640
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How A Dog's Brain Works

boxer brain derp whoa - 5719161600
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Goggie Gif: OMG YESSSS!!

boxer gifs happy happy dog jump jumping leap walk - 5702478848

Reader Squees: Itty Bitty Boxer Baby

baby boxer Hall of Fame puppy reader squees tiny young - 5673296640
Created by mairezdotes ( Via Flickr )

i bettur nawt katchew reeding dis again!

bad bad dog best of the week book boxer destruction Hall of Fame mess no read reading torn up - 5662500864
See all captions Created by romulan

Not Sure What Else to Do

ambulance best of the week boxer fall down Hall of Fame help oops ouch thats-a-bummer-man - 5633711616
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Dogs are Awesome

boxer derp derp face i has a hotdog tongue tongue out - 5317298176
See all captions Created by thegiantfan10

What is it? DRAGONS?

boxer oh no scared shocked uh oh what worried - 5549763072
See all captions Created by Lord Malvern

Kittehs R Owr Friends: It Wuz Dis Big, I Swearz!

adorable adorbz boxer friends friendship kittehs r owr friends kitten love mixed breed - 5644719616
Via pet pictures

i pleed

best of the week boxer destruction Hall of Fame mess oops - 5623474176
See all captions Created by beaniebop

Sagan waz right!

best of the week boxer carl sagan christmas lights Hall of Fame oops - 5610826240
See all captions Created by LOLdogexpert

Goggie Gif: Wut iz Wrong Wif U?

boxer confused head tilt head turn huh what - 5558415360