I Can Has Cheezburger?


list of 15 cat in box images | thumbnail two pictures of cats in boxes

Cats, Boxes, Cats in Boxes: 15 Fresh Images Of A Delightful Phenomenon

If I Fits, I Sits! Sweet Kitties Are Completely Memorized By The Enticement Of Boxes
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pictures of cats inside boxes thumbnail includes two pictures of cats inside of boxes

Cats And Their Eternal Love For Boxes (Pics)

Two seconds after opening the box... cat.
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video of a kitten fighting a box for the first time thumbnail includes two pictures including a kitten biting a box and another of a kitten inside a box with a cat stalking behind it

Kitten Experiences The Joy Of Boxes For First Time (Video)

tiny and ferocious
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pictures of cat castles and jungle gyms made entire out of boxes thumbnail includes two pictures including one of a bunch of cats inside of a huge cardboard castle and another of an enormous cardboard castle shaped like a dinosaur for cats

Box-Loving Cats Getting Entire Castles Made Of Boxes

big box love requires big box
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New Ad Encourages Cats' Curiosity And Indoor Play With "Curiosity Boxes" | different structure build from cardboard boxes such as a spaceship and a submarine

New Ad Encourages Cats' Curiosity And Indoor Play With "Curiosity Boxes"

"Curiosity Boxes" for cats
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cats in boxes

Just a Bunch of Tiny Kitties Sitting in a Box, Doing Nothing

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Maru Tries on a New Box

GIF of Maru the Cat exploring a new box and getting his head stuck in it
Via Maru The Cat | KnowYourMeme.com
box design cardboard box Cats cardboard - 7625733

This Company Creates Stylish Cardboard Boxes And Your Cat Needs One

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clean toys box pig help Video - 89884929

Cute Pig Helps With House Cleaning By Putting Away His Toys

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owner box Cats - 89513985

Guy Builds An Awesome Box Tower To Make Up With His Cat

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Square box Cats Video - 89508609

Cats Just Can't Resist Squares And This Video Proves It

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box Memes Cats funny - 9070899968
Via catsuberalles

Still want it?

Funny cats fighting over a shoe box
Via Dump a day


Funny picture of a cat in a box with a bomb logo on it that makes it look dangerous for the cat, which it is not.
Via jiskat

Old Box Still Fits Like A Glove

a tabby cat sitting in an old box saying that his old box still fits him like a glove
Via BillyBobBarkerJrJr
Build your puppy a fun play box

How To Build Your Own Puppy Play Box

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