I Can Has Cheezburger?


47 pictures of cats laying in boxes, baskets, and cloths | Thumbnail includes a picture of 6 black kittens each laying in a plastic container and a picture of a fluffy orange cat hanging out in a bin with heart shaped cut outs

47 Cute Photos Of Cat Traps Done The Right Way

All you need is a box, a basket, or cloth
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32 cat memes | Thumbnail includes a picture of a black and white cat laying on top of a toilet seat with its front paws hanging down and a collage of 4 pictures of orange cats with other coloration mixes 'first you must answer his riddles Jammie Just orange: Crackhead determination Either loaf or ninja (or both) Tuxedo orange: One cell and it's for food Give treat now! Creamy orange: Somehow got left out of the rotation for the cell. Just doin their best Calico orange: 100% dumb 150% attitude'

Nothing Says Caturday Like A Big Ol' Dumparoo Of Cat Memes, Tweets, And Photos (31 Images)

Let the festivities begin
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13 cats in boxes | thumbnail left cats in box, thumbnail right cat in box

Best Of The Week: Cats Showing Off Their Unique Personalities While Sitting In Cardboard Boxes

Boxes for days
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A Youtube video about a woman making a DIY cardboard whack-a-mole game for her cats and them trying to figure it out | Thumbnail includes two screenshots of a fluffy white and brown cat sniffing a cardboard box and standing near it

Confused Cats Play A Funny Game Of Whack-A-Mole Using Yogurt And A Cardboard Box (Video)

Something about a confused feline that gets us every single time
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5 TikTok videos of cat people sharing videos of their cats sleeping in weird positions | Thumbnail includes a grey cat squished in a bag, a white cat laying on its stomach with legs out, and a white cat in a box 'Winston is obsessed with my bag'

TikTokers Expose Their Cats For Choosing The Most Uncomfortable Positions And Places To Sleep In

Cats are weird like that
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1 and a half minute video of kittens playing with a cardboard box | Thumbnail includes 2 orange kittens and 2 grey kittens playing with a cardboard box

Adorable Kittens Play Fight About Who Gets To Keep The Cardboard Box (Video)

It's brutal out here
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2 TikToks of a mom cat holding her kittens and funny comments | Thumbnail includes two screenshots of an orange cat holding her grey kittens

Cat Holds On To Her Favorite Kitten For Her Dear Life As The Vet Gets Ready To Examine Them

She's her emotional support child
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A video of two kittens grooming each other for the first time | Thumbnail includes an orange kitten and a grey kitten licking each other in a box

Two Tiny Kittens Try Grooming Each Other For The Very First Time (Video)

Warning: SO cute
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2 and a half minute video of two main coon cats deciding whether they prefer human items or cat items | Thumbnail includes a screenshot from the video with the two cats, cat beds, chairs, and carpets 'What do cats like the most?'

Two Main Coon Cats Play Would You Rather: Cat Stuff Vs Human Stuff (Video)

Box vs Cat Cave... tough choice
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10 cats in boxes | thumbnail left cat in bee box, thumbnail right cat in box "count it"

Cutely Comfortable Cats Relaxing In Seemingly Mundane Cardboard Boxes Of Ranging Size

If I fits I most certainly sits
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list of 15 cat in box images | thumbnail two pictures of cats in boxes

Cats, Boxes, Cats in Boxes: 15 Fresh Images Of A Delightful Phenomenon

If I Fits, I Sits! Sweet Kitties Are Completely Memorized By The Enticement Of Boxes
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pictures of cats inside boxes thumbnail includes two pictures of cats inside of boxes

Cats And Their Eternal Love For Boxes (Pics)

Two seconds after opening the box... cat.
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video of a kitten fighting a box for the first time thumbnail includes two pictures including a kitten biting a box and another of a kitten inside a box with a cat stalking behind it

Kitten Experiences The Joy Of Boxes For First Time (Video)

tiny and ferocious
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pictures of cat castles and jungle gyms made entire out of boxes thumbnail includes two pictures including one of a bunch of cats inside of a huge cardboard castle and another of an enormous cardboard castle shaped like a dinosaur for cats

Box-Loving Cats Getting Entire Castles Made Of Boxes

big box love requires big box
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New Ad Encourages Cats' Curiosity And Indoor Play With "Curiosity Boxes" | different structure build from cardboard boxes such as a spaceship and a submarine

New Ad Encourages Cats' Curiosity And Indoor Play With "Curiosity Boxes"

"Curiosity Boxes" for cats
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cats in boxes

Just a Bunch of Tiny Kitties Sitting in a Box, Doing Nothing

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