I Can Has Cheezburger?

bow tie

shelter wholesome fashion adorable adoption bow tie doggo inspiring uplifting animal shelter - 2410758

Teen’s Bow Ties For Shelter Dogs Help Boost Adoption Rates

Eighth Grader Inspires Many With His Mission To Help Dogs
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cat wearing a bow tie drinking from a martini glass

When an Elegant Cat With a Bow Tie Orders a Martini

Cat orders martini
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What a Fancy Gentleman!

what a fancy gentleman
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Kyoot Eagerness

excited gifs dachshund bow tie - 8427646464
By ani.s4 (Via vine.co)

I Am Thankful for Your Bowtie

animals thanksgiving bow tie bird Cats - 8387354624
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Your Little Boy Is Becoming a Man

bow tie kitten squee tabby - 8327027712
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Bow Ties Are Totally In Right Now

poorly dressed bow tie cute - 8288979712
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Quite the Charmer

bow tie Cats wink - 8116366336
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Darn Humans and Their Jokes

bow tie kitty food funny - 7519147264
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Rather Dashing Young Fellow

puppy bow tie dashing - 7353041664
By owl_face

So Handsome!

bow tie handsome prom - 7330057728
By aristan123 (Via Cheezburger iOS Builder)

of course i am not mr fluffkins

disguise hide outfit blend in Cats captions sunglasses bow tie - 6606995456
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Shaken NOT purred

007 bow tie captions Cats james bond puns - 6589782016
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What exactly

bow tie captions Cats model photograph pose - 6480614656
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Lolcats: What do you say? Wanna Tour The Universe?

best of the week bow tie caption Cats doctor who litter box tardis - 6411000832
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bow tie classy dressed up - 5992613888
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