Imgur User Reveals What Taking A Bath With Cats Is Truly Like

When it comes to privacy, we all know cats are pretty much known for having absolutely no boundaries. We've seen cats who would even climb into their owner's underpants while they take care of their business on the toilet. 

Yup. Cats and privacy don't go hand in hand. And the sooner you accept this, the sooner you'll be able to live semi-peacefully as you spend time in the bathroom. Cats not respecting boundaries isn't too bad though, it actually provides promising entertainment. Plus, to see those cute furry faces is never unpleasant! 

One Imgur user is no stranger to the whole 'cats, no privacy' situation, as they shared a series of images of it is like tiring to take a bath with two concerned and curious cats by your side. 

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what taking a bath is like with two cats - thumbnail of black cat climbing tub faucet
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