I Can Has Cheezburger?


tumblr thread about an abused dog getting adopted and learning to bark again thumbnail includes a picture of a dog '"When I got her, she’d been abused and would cower and pee at almost everything, and had been mistreated when she’d barked, so she never would. I had to re-teach her to bark by gathering her whole human pack and having everyone bark and howl and feed her treats and pet her till she got excited enough to join in."'

Tumblr Thread: Dog Previously Mistreated For Barking Learns To Bork Again

Few barks - mostly borks.
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Memes borked - 1678085

Just a Bunch of Heckin' Good Dogs

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Songs queen borked Video - 84815105

Gabe the Dog Presents: Don't Bork Me Now

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Toothbrush Doing a Real Big Frighten

christmas borked song Video - 83886593

The Bork Version Of "All I Want for Christmas Is You" Is Way Better Than the Original, Obviously

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pug borked reaction Video - 83417345

Doggo Reacts to a Bork Video in the Most Pug Way Possible

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borked x files Memes Video - 82088705

I Want to Borklieve

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Dog.exe Has Encountered a Problem

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Borked Dog Got Too Excited About the Park

borked dog got too excited about the park
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borked Ghostbusters Memes Video - 81605889

The New Ghostbusters Movie Has a Lot More Bork Than We Expected

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Calm Down, Pup. You are Doing Me an Annoy.

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Bork Shaming is Not Okay

bork shaming is not okay
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Yep, Dat's Totally Wot Happened

cat door borked Cats - 8177812224
Created by AngelAndz

I Doan Understand Hoomins Sumtymes

borked fixed funny - 7667686912
See all captions Created by whraven

This Gravity Is Borked

borked doing it wrong Gravity funny - 7643276800
See all captions Created by onefinekitty

Ai Kan Haz Tech Sopport?

tech support borked self referential lolspeak - 7640759040
See all captions Created by Greencliff
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