I Can Has Cheezburger?


why do cats boop rub tap hit their head against humans | thumbnail includes text saying 'Why do cats bang their forehead on humans?' and a photo of a cat doing a boop

Why Do Cats Boop Their Forehead On Humans: Internet Responds

Boop the snoot.
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20 images of dogs with boopable noses being nosey | thumbnail left two pitbulls with noses out from under wooden fence, thumbnail right four windows all with dogs looking out with noses visible

Nosy Doggos Sticking Their Boopable Noses Into Everyone's Business

You ever feel like, somebody's watching you? And you got no privacy? More often than not, you'll find that that somebody was a somedoggy. Doggos have this awwdorably annoying habit of sticking their super boopable noses right up into everyone's business! Sometimes, it's cute. You look at your doggo and think “aw, how cute, he wants to be involved in the conversation!” And then he gets a little too involved in the conversation. Ruff ruff. Anyhow, you may have noticed that we have an affinity for…
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video of an owl getting annoyed by a human petting it | thumbnail includes a picture of an owl glaring up at a human who's touching it

Rescued Owl Is Mildly Irritated By Human Touching Him (Video)

No boops pls.
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12 images and videos of animals noses being booped | thumbnail left dog perspective boop in arctic, thumbnail right cat in bath boop

Booping Alll The Snoots: Animal Noses Being Thoroughly Booped (Pictures And Videos)

A Diverse Variety Of Awwdorable Animal Noses
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20 images of guinea pigs | thumbnail left brown and white guinea pig, thumbnail right grey guinea pig laying in cloth

Time To Boop The Snoot: Guinea Pig Edition

A Collection Of Boopworthy Guinea Pig Noses
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15 images and videos of foxes | thumbnail left fox laying down being pat, thumbnail right cute small fox outside of see through door

Fluffy And Fierce Fox Fix: Fox Appreciation

Foxes Being Their Awwdorable Happy Selves
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Series of Cute Cattle Pics | thumbnail is two side by side pictures of baby cows

Cattle Cuties, Awwdorable Calf And Cow Pictures

A Day On The Farm With The Cattle Cuties!
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video of various animals being booped - thumbnail of sloth being booped and wildcat being booped

Various Animals Get The Boop Treatment (Video)

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boops boop cats dogs animals pics pets aww adorable wholesome delightful uplifting snoot snout reddit | black and white guinea pig standing on top of a similarly colored dog snout cute nose | boop me closeup zoom in on a cat's pink nose

Up Close And Personal: Snoot Boops

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cat dog funny video lol boop animals smack reddit viral cute instant regret cat trying to decide whether or not to bap the dog

Cat Tries To Decide Whether To Hit Dog Or Not (Video)

Instant regret
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boop Memes - 9250566144
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13/10 Would Boop

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pets boop nose Cats - 1945605

Sometimes You Boop the Cat and Sometimes the Cat Boops You

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Gentle Boop for a Tiny Snoot

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