Canadian Bookstore Offers Books, Coffee And Cuddly Kittens Available For Adoption

Imagine that: You enter a local book shop, looking for a good book for the weekend. Upon entering the shop, you are greeted at the door by a handful of cuddly kittens who are free to roam the space, climb on bookshelves and take cat naps on the window sills. Oh, and then you find out that the kittens also happen to be available for adoption. Sounds like a dream, right? 

Well, this Canadian bookstore offers just that. 

Otis & Clementine's Books and Coffee is located in Nova Scotia, Canada, and offers more than just compelling reads and organic coffee.

The local store owner, Ellen Helmke, started fostering kittens at her shop in May 2019: "It's a perfect fit having the cats here. It just makes space feel cozier," Helmke told Insider. "Sometimes people come in just to see the cats and sometimes people don't even know that cats are here. It's very cute. The idea for me was to have a continual supply of kittens in my shop that were all adoptable," she said. "I make sure that they've had all their shots and socialize them with people who come in and out of the store. Being around customers helps the cats learn to socialize with people, which likely makes it easier for them to get adopted. We have a 100% adoption rate, which is fantastic,' she said.

Fans and visitors of the store have started sharing and uploading adorable photos of kittens climbing on bookshelves and curling up on the chairs and couches inside the shop. They are also praising Helmke on the shop's Facebook page for making her shop a safe haven for rescue cats. This is Fantastic!  

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