I Can Has Cheezburger?


cute cats hanging around in bodegas acting like they own the place | thumbnail includes three pictures of cats lying around

Comfy Bodega Cats Lounging Around, Just Chillin Out'

Bodega Cats doing what they do best
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The bodega cats of New York | cat with a bell tied to its neck sitting like a shopkeeper in the door of a store | cat looking out from a shelf from between rows of fanta bottles

Twitter Page Documents The Daily Lives Of Bodega Cats in New York

Bodega cats in NY
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Bodega cat sleeping

15 Bodega Cats Who Are Always At Your Service In Your Local Grocery Store

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Cats bodega new york - 1074693

New Yorkers Do Not Take Kindly to People That Complain About Bodega Cats on Yelp

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series new york Cats Video bodega - 1066245

'Bodega Cats in Their Own Words' Is an Adorable Video Series Starring New York's Best Felines

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