I Can Has Cheezburger?

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12 tweets thread cats interrupting board games | thumbnail cat sitting on top of game on table tweet "James Huntrods ... @JamesHuntrods My parent's cat interrupting board games over Christmas, a thread. 1. Concordia 2:03 PM · Dec 30, 2021 · Twitter for Android 16.3K Retweets 1,406 Quote Tweets 95.6K Likes"

Twitter Thread: Cats Unapologetically Interrupting Family Board Game Night

No apologies necessary
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Cat-Opoly: Board Game For You And Your Cats

Best game ever
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Stop Throwing the Pieces Off the Board!

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It's Your Move, Kitty!

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Tuna Not Included

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The Internet's Favorite Board Game

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"Dizdam" iz so a wurd.

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CLUE: Cat Edition

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