Series Of Blurry Cats With Zero Context

Unless you're taking a photo of your cat as they sleep, then you know how genuinely difficult it is to get a good quality image of them. Near darn impossible, if you ask us. Those who manage to capture that action shot of them purrfectly aren't human in our eyes. Seriously, if you're one of those people who can take a clear action shot of a cat on your phone, please teach us. 

We would say about 98% of the shots we take of our cats are just a blurry mess. Even though they may not be clear crisp, we don't delete those blurry images because they are images of our loves, after all. Here is a collection of some blurry images, images of cats we can relate to, and the best part? They're all hilarious.  

funny collection of blurry cat pics - images of two blurry cats
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