I Can Has Cheezburger?


oskar blind Video Cats playing beds - 43415809

Oskar the Blind Kitteh Plays on the Bed

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Creepicute: Star Nosed Mole

blind claws creepicute mole - 6635358976
Via Todd Pusser

Blind Kitten Rescued, Given New Forever Home

blind Cats heartwarming kitten news rescue stories - 6583343360
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Animal Capshunz: I Hear Cheering

blind cant-see horse race winning - 6549533696
Created by Unknown

Not Mutually Exclusive

blind fool lion safari stupid watching - 6404896256
See all captions Created by forever_available

*go right* *RIGHT!!!*

blind captions Cats drive eyes interesting motorcycle sight - 6434364672
See all captions Created by Chris10a
blind cover your eyes eyes otters paws squee swimming Video - 39127297

Animal Videos: If I Can't See You, You Can't See Me

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It was day time a second ago...

blind blood hound ears floppy ears puppy - 6278775552
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I (Don't) See What You Did There

blind cant-see ears i have no idea no idea puppies running - 6263856640
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blind eyes fetch play Video - 35844353

Animal Videos: Blind Pitbull Plays Fetch

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Around the Interwebs: Blind Dog and Her Guide Find – and Save – Each Other

blind people pets - 6179981568
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Bambi's Eyesight is Going in His Old Age

bambi blind cat confusion deer eyesight rabbit wth - 5790976000
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blind Hall of Fame hallelujah heal miracle see sight - 6141433600
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I Has A Hotdog: BFFs

best of the week blind cute friends great dane guide guide dog Hall of Fame sweet - 6045697280
See all captions Created by HokieGirl74

Owl, You Need Glasses

blind glasses mistake Owl pride sight - 6010635776
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adoption baby blind cat eyes kitten Video - 36073985

Animal Videos: Oscar the Blind Kitteh's Origins!

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