I Can Has Cheezburger?


tucked in kitties - thumbnail of two pairs of cat feet sticking out from blanket Kittens get hot feet, too

Freshly Tucked And Cozy Kitties Galore

Winter is coming
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shelter old woman blankets knitting Cats stray - 4401925

93 Years Old Woman Knits Blankets For Shelter Cats

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gifs blankets Cats - 8476606464
By anselmbe

I'm Gonna Need This For Later

gifs blankets Cats - 8431073280
Via GIF Heaven

Start The Year Off Right: Stay Cuddled Up All Day

gifs blankets - 8409368576
Via Bing

Die, Blanket Mouse!!

gifs blankets cute Cats - 8397674240
By mamawalker

Holy Baby Bat Burritos Batman!

blankets cute bats zoo - 8391194368
Via Wakaleo Animal Channel

No Thanks, I'm Warm Here

puppy blankets - 8383181824
Via carly_horse

I Make My Own Cat Beds

blankets Cats beds gifs steal - 8250426112
By ani.s4 (Via www.youtube.com)

You're Ruining it!

blankets Cats laundry - 8224586496
Via thisiswhatmostpeoplearethinking

Expert Sleeper

gifs blankets sleeping funny - 8142384384
Via Cube Breaker

Coziness Level: Win!

blankets cute win - 8030500352
By Unknown

Pillows and Blankets Just Make Things More Comfortable for Cats

pile blankets pillows patience Cats funny comfortable - 8002642688
By Unknown

Happy Sundog!

blankets chihuahua Sundog - 7122188544
By Unknown

Reader Squee: Sleepy Time

reader squee pets guinea pigs blankets squee sleepy - 7043616256
By Kaitou24

Awkwardly Squee Rhino

puberty blankets Awkward rhinoceroses rhinos squee - 6792479232
By Unknown
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