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18 cat tweets | Thumbnail includes two pictures including 'Cat - Nick @nick @ellle_em AITA for chewing up hundreds of dollars worth of laptop cords while my humans sleep? My humans seem very upset by it but I'm literally just a cat, just doing my thing. They should protect the cords better and should be playing with me instead of sleeping.' and 'Cat - Beach Friend (they/she) @Twofishie @ellle_em I (13F) love to run up my Dad's body with a giant poofy tail and sneeze directly into his face.'

AITA, But From The Cat's Purrspective: 18 Funny Tweets Of Cats Blaming Everyone Except Themselves

Ignorance is bliss, and these cats are blissful
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reddit 11 text images | thumbnail blue background "BUT when I came home today I saw that his food bowl was empty, the jar of his food hadn't been touched, his water bowl was empty, and it sure didn't look he have been outside of his cage. I was PISSED. This pet is my best friend, and he means alot to me. When I asked my foster mom for an explanation she said that she "forgot." I got even more pissed and told her "it wasn't that complicated."

Teenager Entrusts Foster Parents With Care Of His Pet Bunny, They 'Forget' And Blame Him

Not cool
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Sure, Blame It on the Dog

animals toilet paper blame caption Cats - 8800640000
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Might Have to Chew Him Up to Teach Him a Lesson

blame bunny destruction labrador stuffed animal - 2770285824
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It's a Trick I Learned From the Cat

blame derp face whatbreed - 3923964416
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That's the Way the Cat and Dog thing Works, Pup

blame cat caption - 8435341056
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The Blame Game is Universal

baby animals bears blame - 8370516736
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A Failsafe Solution

blame Cats - 8147254528
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It Was da Goggie!

Cats blame innocent kitten - 7981952512
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In Time, You'll Learn

Cats blame - 7905753344

Because the Cat Totally Shed Them to Pieces

shoes blame shame - 7861843200
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Inside Cat is Angry at Outside Cat

blame inside vase outside - 7890578176
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He Played Right into my Claws

blame mice Cats funny - 7824081920
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He Was Just Here! I Swear!

cat blame mess - 7804708096

Blame It On The Dog

gross blame fart - 7785534208
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Nice Try

cat blame funny - 7462821376
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