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black kitten

mechanics at blue collar garage find tiny black kitten stuck in engine, adopt her and give her a ridiculous name

'The cat distribution system works hard but mechanics work harder': Garage Finds Kitten Stuck in Car Engine, Adopts Her and Names Her "Horse Hair"

These blue collar workers immediately turned into mush after finding this tiny black kitten.
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10 pictures of black kittens

10 Photos of Beautiful Black Kittens

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tiny and hungry black kitten chows down on some sausage - thumbnail of black kitten eating the sausage

Awwdorable Kitten Hungrily Eating A Sausage Goes Viral (Video)

Nom nom nom
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series of photos of tiny black kitten being swaddled in purrito - thumbnail of kitten with tiny murder mittens | My wife took these photos of our new kitten the other day

Tiny Kitten Photoshoot Is The Sweetest

Definition of cuteness overload
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