Gorilla's Unique Pigmentation On Fingers Goes Viral

We all know according to evolution, we are descendants of apes. Yet, it's even more clear after seeing images of just one gorilla. 

Meet Anaka, who resides at the Zoo Altanta. Anaka is unique, not only in terms of skin, but in personality as well. "[She's] often barking at her mom and others to get a prime spot for food and juice," Altanta Zoo wrote on their website. "She is often seen riding piggyback on her brother and sisters."

When the Morena Lale commented on a post from the zoo, asking if Anaka had vitiligo (a skin condition characterized by loss of skin pigmentation).

The Zoo responded, "Well, her skin pigment has always been like that and hasn't changed over the years, so we think it's just a cool birthmark."

Cool, indeed!

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