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Happy Birthday

white dog wearing flowers on head eating cake with blue background happy birthday meme
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Never forget or you'll get reminded.

grey cat wearing brace on neck looking annoyed happy birthday meme
See all captions Created by SirNottaguy-Imadad ( Via Me.me )

Happy Birthday!

black cat sitting on armchair surrounded by loose blue wool on floor
Created by AaronRW ( Via Cheezburger )
white grey and orange cat licking a singing birthday card

This Cat Must Love His Singing Birthday Card

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This is Why We Can't Have Birthday Parties

birthday cat with colorful balloons sticking to its fur
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No Chocolate Mousse?

grey cat in red shirt looking straight ahead at table with cupcake and one candle
See all captions Created by djcat595 ( Via Cheezburger )

That's At Least Half A life Up In Smoke

orange kitten with black strip on its nose and blue eyes looking resolute happy birthday meme
See all captions Created by Timely ( Via Me.me )

Double Whammy!

a white cat inside a cardboard box ripping up a roll of toilet paper happy birthday meme
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Happy Birthday!

grey and white cat wearing blue party hat in front of happy birthday banner
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Yeah, Happy Freaking Birthday

white cat wearing colorful party hat looking angry
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