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video about a couple rescuing and adopting a sparrow and the bird not leaving them alone | thumbnail includes two pictures of a sparrow sitting on a woman

Couple Rescues Wild Sparrow And Now She Refuses To Leave Them (Video)

She truly, truly loves humans.
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tumblr thread about Australian birds being jerks | thumbnail includes a tumblr post 'Font - millshouse why has nobody mentioned the fact that in australia there are 3-4 months a year where everybody just accepts that they're going to get attacked by magpies. It is literally called "swooping season" and these birds will fly down to peck your fucking face, and people get their eyes ripped out and shit, it's fucking brutal. sociopathic-italian-grandmas My teacher had to go to hospital and have'

Tumblr Thread: Unbelievable Stories Of Australian Birds Being Jerks

Jerks but still cute.
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a list about scary but interesting Shoebill birds | thumbnail is a photo of a shoebird bird from the twitter account 'shoebirds every hour'

Learn More About The Shoebill: Arguably The Scariest Bird

We're officially in spooky season, and we've covered a few different kinds of cute, cuddly, and funny animals. Everything under the sun, from adorable tiny bats to puppers with pumpkins , to animals in super cool Halloween costumes . But sometimes we also enjoy covering the creepy cute, and the weird, such as sphynx cats that look like angry old men , or doggos sitting in weird creepy poses. In this case, we have an animal to share today that is well… a little bit scary. According to Ranker , “…
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compilation video of owls | thumbnail left owl in cape, thumbnail right owl looking down at camera from above perched on branch

Squeezing In A Laugh: Delightful Compilation Of Silly Owl Moments (Video)

Smart stealthy adorable it's OWL we ever wanted, it's owls
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list of funny bird memes| thumbnail includes two memes which say 'Bird logic' and 'can't get over how shit some piegeons are at making nests'

Brilliant Birb Memes That Will Quack You Up

Im-peck-able bird jokes.
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viral tweets about Angela Merkel going to a zoo and being spooked by birds | thumbnail includes a picture of birds sitting on a scared woman and one tweet 'Vertebrate - Marcel Dirsus ... @marceldirsus Merkel visited a bird zoo today and the photos are everything. This isn't photoshop, it actually happened 11:15 AM - Sep 24, 2021 - Twitter Web App 16.2K Retweets 2,482 Quote Tweets 86.1K Likes'

Twitter Thread: Angela Merkel Visits A Zoo And Ridiculousness Ensues

The photos are everything.
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21 images of paper cranes and art creation | thumbnail three images of rainbow paper cranes text foreground

1000 Origami Paper Cranes Transformed Into Beautiful Piece Of Art

Paper cranes are the most popular form of origami, and have transformed the meaning behind these little works of art. Origami is the most recreational art of Japanese for hundreds of years. They made it as a part of their culture to foster the creativity amongst young people! Some origami are inspired by animals, such as the famous origami crane. The crane has always been a strong symbol of success and good fortune in Japanese culture, and when folded into origami, it is believed that your hear…
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video of woman who opens café for special needs crows

Woman Opens Café Out Of Her Home For Special Needs Crows (Video)

Shreya Jha is based in Mumbai, India, where she tends to the local population's crows. She's got one legged crows, crows with various deformities, crows with serious injuries. Her goal is to help these animals as much as she possibly can! We know that in the wild, animals with deformities and injuries have a very low survival rate. It's her moment of joy every morning when she opens her windows and is greeted by a swarm of hungry crows! The café is open for business! In pop culture crows are al…
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video of a cockatoo going on a ride and screaming and swearing the whole way | thumbnail includes a picture of a bird perched on a man's shoulder inside of a car

Senior Cockatoo Goes On A Ride And Loudly Complains The Whole Way (Video)

Pebble is back, and she's as loud as ever!
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video of a wild kookaburra coming inside to visit a person | thumbnail includes a picture of a bird looking at the camera

Wild Kookaburra Comes Inside For A Friendly Visit (Video)

Birds are p good.
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video of parrot and human singing and making music | thumbnail left dad and parrot with guitar and birdcage, thumbnail right close up tico the parrot

Parrot Insists On Singing Whenever Dad Plays Guitar (Video)

Tico the parrot is an absolute Rockstar! When the jams hit him, he takes off in song! His dad reports that it is an absolute joy in life, when Tico starts to sing his eyes change colors, his feathers start to ruffle, and it's very easy to tell that he is happy as can be! These are clear signs of stimulation and happiness within the bird. When Tico starts to vocalize, dad knows its time to pick up the guitar and start jamming. Dad even compares Tico to Freddie Mercury, looks Tico's got some big …
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collection of birds interacting with technology | thumbnail includes three pictures of birds sitting on phones with twitter open on them

When Birds Tweet: A Thread Of Birbs Interacting With Technology

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story about cockatoos opening up trash cans by themselves | thumbnail includes a picture of a cockatoo lifting a trash can lid 'There could be multiple explanations for this activity. It can be mischief just for the sake of it, or just plain curiosity Professor Kaplan'

Beware: Cockatoos In Australia Have Officially Learned How To Open Trash Bins

They're. Taking. Over.
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tumblr thread about the red-bearded vulture | thumbnail includes a picture of a red-bearded vulture 'simplytheanthropic My all time favorite animal. The red-bearded vulture.'

Tumblr Thread: The 4 Foot Tall Red-Bearded Vulture

This is a clawesome bird.
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video of a person feeding his pet seagull for 69 days to gain his trust | thumbnail includes two pictures of a seagull being fed through a window

Feeding A Wild Seagull For 69 Days To Get His Trust (Video)

Get ready for an adventure.
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12 images of redtailed hawk revolving around story | thumbnail injured hawk standing on grass in front of body of water

Red-tailed Hawk With Injured Wing Found By Pedestrian And Taken To Vet For Treatment

Poor Injured Birb Immediately Cared For When Found
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