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Twitter Thread: Twilight Characters And Their Cat Counterpurrts

Have you ever pictured what it would be like to bring together two world which were never meant to interact - Twilight and cat twitter? Well, twitter has, and twitter has made this madness go super viral super fast, and we now understand exactly why these worlds have yet to mix. The result is simply too hilarious for this world. Get ready for one of the funniest and most ridiculous throwbacks you have ever seen.

If you want some more movies reimagined with animals, check out this collection of Jurassic Park dinosaurs replaced with cats or Jurassic Park dinosaurs replaced with... ferrets. And sometimes, twitter doesn't even need to work very hard to create some animal movie hilarity, because animals are simply terribly animated sometimes. 

viral twitter thread of Twilight characters as cats | thumbnail includes two pictures including Edward saving Bella from a car and a cat with its paw on a car 'Automotive parking light - TWILIGHT RENAISSANCE @twilightreborn twilight characters as cats - a thread: 2:15 AM Jun 13, 2021 - Twitter Web App 12.4K Retweets 578 Quote Tweets 66.2K Likes'
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