I Can Has Cheezburger?


imgur thread about training cats | thumbnail includes a picture of a cat 'Training, if done properly, can be extremely enriching and beneficial to a cat (or any other animal).  Don't listen to anyone who tells you cats can't be trained- they absolutely can, and I know because I've done it adrianontherocks'

An Easy-To-Understand Guide To Training Cats From A Feline Behaviorist

Your friendly neighborhood feline behaviorist is at it again.
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collection of stories celebrating pets with imperfections | thumbnail include a picture of a ginger cat in a box and one Facebook comment 'Cat - Michelle Timpe Quan We adopted Jax from Seattle Humane as a senior kitty. He was a street cat and his ears were damaged from fighting and his scratching at ear infections. His ear "imperfections" are what people comment on immediately. He has the sweetest personality. OD 3 Like Reply Hide Send Message 6h'

Celebrating All The 'Imperfect' Pets: Seniors, Sick Pets, Rehomed Pets, Returned Pets And More

ICanHasCheezburger edition <3
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viral imgur thread explaining overstimulation in cats | thumbnail includes a picture of a cat walking 'Sometimes, you'll be petting or playing with your cat- and they'll scratch you, or nip at you.  It happens to all of us!  This kind of behavior is typically referred to as overstimulation, and there are multiple ways it can happen adrianontherocks'

Why Do Cats Bite Their Humans: Viral Thread Explaining Overstimulation In Cats

It doesn't mean they hate you.
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Twitter thread of pet owners loving their pets despite inconveniences | Thumbnail includes 'Following a bunch of animal rescues on instagram informed me that people RETURN cats for the flimsiest reasons, or no reason at all, which is unthinkable to me! Even if I got a bad cat I would be like well this is my shitty cat now congrats pal here's a lifetime of care & treats.'

Twitter Users Tell Us About Their Not-So-Perfect Perfect Cats

To love is to accept
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18 screenshots from subreddit about advice on exercising reactive dogs | Thumbnail includes an encounter between two dogs 'Way to exercise reactive dogs?'

17 Ways To Exercise Your Reactive Dog Besides Your Local Dog Park

(Puppy) Parenthood advice
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Subreddit rant about people being fed up with untrained dogs in public places

Unpopular Opinion Vs. Legal Issue: Should Dogs Be Allowed In Grocery Stores

Calling all dog parents for an important doggo discussion!
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imgur thread about a dog with behavioral issues being returned by its owners and given a second chance by its breeder | thumbnail includes two pictures of a dog 'Per the contract they signed when buying her, they had to inform me first so I could decide what is best for the dog. I immediately brought her home. I didn't want a potentially dangerous dog being rehomed when I knew I could help her. rooloo97'

Couple Gives Up On A Misunderstood Dog With 'Behavioral Issues', But She's Given A Second Chance (Viral Thread)

We love to see a good breeder take responsibility like this.
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Facebook posts about a hilariously 'unadoptable' chihuahua thumbnail includes a portion of a Facebook post 'Font - Tyfanee Fortuna 3d • Ok, I've tried. I've tried for the last several months to post this dog for adoption and make him sound.palatable. The problem is, he's just not. There's not a very big market for neurotic, man hating, animal hating, children hating dogs that look like gremlins. But I have to believe there's someone out there for Prancer, because I am tired and so is my family.'

Hilariously 'Unadoptable' Chihuahua Goes Viral (Facebook Posts)

The adorable pup is looking for a second chance!
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Facebook comments about cats' strange behaviors | thumbnail includes a picture of a cat next to a pasta spoon and one Facebook comment 'Wood - Megan Marie My Loki (Maine Coon/ Siberian Forest Cat mix) sploots like a Corgi and cuddles his favorite pasta spoon. He also loves to lounge on his back with a cat toy balanced on his face. I could tell you all about him but but theres not enough space.'

Cats Behaving Like The Weirdos They Are: ICanHasCheezburger Edition

We love these crazies so much.
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video of a dog sitting at a table on its butt like a human thumbnail includes one picture of a dog sitting on a chair near a table

Dog Waits For Food At Table Like A Human (Video)

They deserve a seat at the table too LOL
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tweets about loving cats who are weirdos thumbnail includes one tweet 'Font - charlie @chunkbardey so much of the pleasure of having a cat is getting to watch this creature make decisions that will always be at least partially inscrutable to you. it's such a pleasure, inexhaustibly fascinating because cats can't speak or explain. like why did you go over there 7:10 PM Feb 10, 2021 - Twitter for iPhone 9,439 Retweets 322 Quote Tweets 59.2K Likes'

Tweets About Strange Loveable Cat Behaviors

Their weirdos, but they're our weirdos.
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viral thread about a cat who was rehomed 5 times finally finding its forever home thumbnail includes two pictures of a ginger cat 'A rescue kitten who has been re-homed 5 times. We saw his little face on the ad, called... and they basically told us he would pee on everything we owned... We've had him almost 3 weeks now, and would you believe it not a single incident outside the litter box!! He was scared at first of course but he warmed up quick and is seriously the sweetest boy.-bythez'

Nervous Kitty Re-Homed 5 Times Finally Finds Forever Home (Viral Thread)

It's about time.
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viral imgur thread about a cat with behavioral issues getting adopted thumbnail includes two pictures including a kitten and another of a cat and a dog cuddling '"Gorgeous cats like Kyrie get a LOT of attention and people tend to... say they’re okay with the behavior problems and then return the cat a week later because they aren’t perfect... Well, we hit the jackpot for Kyrie." - adrianontherocks'

Terrified Kitten Falls In Love With New Adoptive Family (Viral Thread)

Slowly but surely...
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14 strange cat behaviors and the reasons behind them - thumbnail of cute and funny black cat laying on it's back

Strange Cat Behaviors Explained (Video)

Cats are complicated
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tumblr thread about the differences between cats and dogs explaining that cats are not evil thumbnail includes a picture of a cat lying on its back with its belly exposed 'Text - Rolling and exposing belly- attacks you when touched Does not mean: Give belly rubs! - haha I tricked you! Actually means: I'm playful! If you reach for my belly l'll grab your arm and bite it because I think we're playfighting!'

Tumblr Explains Why Dog Owners Don't Get How Awesome Cats Are

Cats are not evil, they're just not dogs
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cats kittens sinks funny laying natural habitat behavior animals aww cute adorable lol | posted by u/-Honey-Jack It's not even sink anymore. Ollie has claimed it as bed. This his morning bed head

Sinks: Cats In Their Second Natural Habitat

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