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tumblr thread about friends befriending bees and wasps | tumblr thread includes two tumblr posts 'Font - scotchjolras Follow The bees and wasps now recognise me as the person who gives them water. Which sounds cool but it means everytime I go outside they harass me until I fill up the waterer. On the bright side, I no longer have to fear wasps as they just buzz around me non-threateningly now. theropodtheroblogs Follow You are their water deity now' and 'Font - shedoesnotlivehereanymore'

Tumblr Thead: Stories Of Bees And Wasps Choosing Humans As Their Friends

Unexpectedly wholesome friendships.
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video of angelina jolie showing art and necessity of bee keeping | thumbnail left bee hive set up, thumbnail right angelina jolie wearing bee keeper clothing, looking at bees

Angelina Jolie Shows Us The Amazing Art of Beekeeping (Video)

Celebrity and philanthropist Angelina Jolie took a recent trip to France to check out the program “Women for Bees.” To be frank, bees are disappearing because of humans. According to Woodland Trust , the biggest causes of bee population decline include everything from habitat loss to climate change . Women for bees is working to preserve the existing bee habitats and exploring ways to improve the unfortunate decline in honeybees. This video shows us that bees are one of the most important anima…
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story about bee and girl, friendship and bond | thumbnail left girl with bee sitting on neck, thumbnail right close up of girl's face with glasses, purple hair, bee on forehead

Teen Rescues Chonky Bumblebee And Now it Won’t Leave Her Side

Oka y friends, today we have an extra dextra special story to bring to you! A wholesome story involving rescue, friendship, and one super chonky bee, A teen formed a special bond with a bumblebee she saved two weeks ago who now won’t leave her, even when she goes to the shops, and it went on a family bowling trip. "Lacey Shillinglaw, 13, spotted the large fluffy bumblebee lying in the road as she returned with her mum, Laura Pashley, 35, from walking the family dog in Coundon wedge, Coventry on…
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12 images of bee keeping process and bees | thumbnail left bees swarming around hive, thumbnail right wooden panels bee hive with bees

Hobby Beekeeper Walks Us Through His Sweet As Honey Beekeeping Process

Hi friends! We have always been fascinated with beekeeping. It's a super interesting process that many folks take up as a hobby! We don't know about y'all, but we love a dash of honey in our tea. Maybe we'll take up beekeeping, too. Depends what the process really looks like, though. We wonder how big of a time commitment it is! Let's see what our Minnesota local and Imgur user “ByGonzah” has to say. “So, I'm a hobby beekeeper in Minnesota. I've kept bees for more than 10 years, although it's f…
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 18 images of pets with bee stings | thumbnail left cat with swollen paw, thumbnail right dog with swollen face

How To Deal With Hilariously Painful Pet Bee Stings

Have you ever been stung by a bee? Oh boy do they hurt! Bee stings generally cause pain and swelling to various degrees depending on how individual each person or animal's body reacts. Our crazy pets are well known for getting into all kinds of mischief! These shenanigan searcher outers often find themselves in some less than ideal situations that their owners must rescue them from. While the majority of pets are not allergic to bee stings therefore they are not fatal, it is super important to …
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13 images of blue bees| thumbnail blue bee taking nectar from purple flower

Carpenter Bees: Blue Beauty With An Impressive Coat Of Fuzz

Gentle Reminder That Bees Can Be Blue: Queen Bee Vibes
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10 images of cats with bee stings | thumbnail left white and orange cat with swollen paw, thumbnail right grey and white cat laying down with swollen paw being held by human hand

The Bees Are Back In Town: Next Stop Cats

How To Take Care Of Your Cat Post Bee Sting
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tumblr thread about medieval beekeepers thumbnail includes two pictures of medieval beekeepers 'Human body - plaguedoctormemes Follow Also i dont know if you guys have ever seen medieval beekeeper garb, but:'

Tumblr Thread: Cursed But Real Medieval Beekeeper Garb

Informative but mildly terrifying lol.
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It's bee-a-u-tiful

This is a bumblebee butt. No politics, no virus.. just a bumblebee butt: cute bee sticking out of flower
Via DontWorryImMedicated

That is one really cute bee!

Some idiots: Insects can't be cute Me an intellectual: little bumble bee
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birds and bees memes | a bird landed on my girlfriends head @ALSTON2008 that ain't no bird that is an omen of death | Even bees are getting quarantine bods.

All About The Birds And The Bees (Memes)

Learn all about the birds and the bees
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bee social media influencer

First 'Bee' Social Media Influencer Is Here To Raise Awareness

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cute bees in flowers

Your Daily Treat: Tired Bees Who Fell Asleep Inside Flowers

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Memes bees funny memes animal memes animals - 9120261

Bee Memes For a Bee-Uti-Ful Day (26 Memes)

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bees netherlands bus stops

This Dutch City Is Taking The 'Save The Bees' Project To The Next Level, 316 Bus Stops With Greenery Rooftops!

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Weeds For Bees

sign up in a weed patch saying the owners left out the weeds to help the bees
Via I waste so much time
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