I Can Has Cheezburger?


12 funny beaver memes | thumbnail includes one beaver tweet and one beaver meme saying 'feeling it this Monday? gnaw man' and 'there are subtle signs of beavers in this neighborhood'

Brilliant Beaver Memes And Tweets

These are so funny dam' it!
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video of beaver gnawing on log | thumbnail image of beaver gnawing on log

Determined Beaver Gnaws His Way Through Giant Log (Video)

Munching through a log like a boss
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video of a rescued beaver hanging out with his adoptive family thumbnail includes two pictures of a beaver cuddling a person

Rescued Beaver Loves Cuddling Its Adoptive Parents (Video)

The most adorable beaver you've ever seen.
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pictures of baby beavers thumbnail includes two pictures of cute baby beavers held in people's hands

Bright And Blissful Baby Beavers (Pics)

For all those who give a dam.
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video of cute baby beaver, the first beaver born at Point Defiance Zoo - thumbnail of close up of baby beaver

Awwdorable Baby Beaver Melting Hearts (Video)

So cute
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baby beavers animals cute small round adorable aww beaver pics vids

Small And Round Baby Beavers (13 Pics + 2 Vids)

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beavers conservation cute Video - 75272193

Watch Beavers Parachute to Safety as Part of an Old Idaho Conservation Film

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I Said Hey

beavers gifs critters - 8558949632
By anselmbe

This Beaver is Having a Grape Meal

cute beavers critters grapes gifs - 8437404672
Via Senor GIF

I Think You Otter Figure it Out!

cute beavers funny puns otters - 8159964672
Via Dump a Day

We'll See About That!

beavers signs irony funny - 8075611648
See all captions By Unknown

The Proof is in the Smile

beavers baths cute happy - 8056206592
By Unknown

Still Stays Busy

Leash - BEE-VER
By Unknown

'Sup? Want Some?

beavers gif chill funny - 7854645760
By Unknown
beavers hello hi wave kids zoos waving Video - 45684737

Beaver Waves Hello

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Baby Beaver

beavers river wet handful tail squee - 6582962176
Via Pharraoh
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