I Can Has Cheezburger?

beauty sleep

list of discussion 15 images instances of dogs not being morning dogs (rejecting mornings) | thumbnail text with blue background "had hoped getting a dog would help me get out of bed in the morning and stop oversleeping. Instead I spend my entire morning trying to wake his sleepy butt up so I can take him out to go to the bathroom before I go to work! It feels like trying to get a teenager out of bed for school lol. When my alarm goes off he groans and whines. On my days off I sleep"

Doggos Rejecting Mornings And Prioritizing Beauty Sleep

Not a morning dog, more of an early afternoon dog
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I can has byuutiful?

pitbull beauty sleep bed sleeping blanket - 6570803968
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I Has A Hotdog: Beauty Sleep

beauty sleep captions dog bed napping pug wrinkles - 6477115648
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Daily Squee: Sleeping Beauty

beauty sleep ferret ferrets human-like pretty sleep sleeping squee weasels - 6150143232
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awake beauty sleep grumpy hedgehog reader squees - 4872436992
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beauty beauty sleep bow cyoot puppeh ob teh day miniature pretty schnauzer sleep sleeping - 4285177088
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acting like animals beauty sleep cheetah cranky diva look makeup natural photo shoot photography sleepy tired upset waking up - 4282735360
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