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video of giant dog being convinced to enter bath tub | thumbnail left dog standing at edge of tub, thumbnail right dog with baby

Family Tries To Tempt Reluctant Giant Alaskan Malamute To Get In The Bath (Video)

Phil, the giant Alaskan Malamute is not a fan of bath time . His family will do anything to try to convince him to hop in the tub , but he is not having it! They even smear peanut butter on the walls of the bath so Phil is incentivized to get in. They also line the bottom of the bath with a towel to avoid any slippery paw action. The whole family gathers for this attempt at convincing a reluctant doggo to hop in. Dad's there, mom too, human sister, and cat sister all join forces to try and woo …
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what taking a bath is like with two cats - thumbnail of black cat climbing tub faucet

Imgur User Reveals What Taking A Bath With Cats Is Truly Like

Yup. Seems accurate.
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cat youtube bathtub ducks rubber animals cats video aww cute

Cat In The Bathtub With Rubber Duckies (Video)

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Dust Bunnies Can Show Up Anywhere

hair bunnies hare puns bathtub - 7113602304
By vodkahol (Via Cheezburger iOS Builder)

Out of the Frying Pan, and Into the Bathtub

busted toilet paper bathtub Cats - 8270353152
Via Daily Picks and Flicks

That's a Bear-Sized Bathtub!

bear bathtub - 7802880768
Via cheezburger.com

Rub-a-Dub-Dub, Doe in a Tub

bathtub doe deer - 7755531520
By sixonefive72

It was Not a Fun Holiday

basement cat bathtub funny - 7753758208
See all captions By PrincessWordplay

Bathtub Beauty

kitten bathtub beauty - 7696397312
By ladyrockie1989

Creepy Peek

gif creepy bathtub peek Cats - 7138032384
By Unknown

The Most Graceful of Beasts

gifs FAIL bulldog bath bathtub clumsy - 7013287680
By Unknown

Thunder is Scary :(

gifs tub bathtub bathroom hide - 6991769088
By Unknown

Baff Tiem

pug bath time bath bathtub sneaky bathroom hiding - 6832396032
See all captions By therealsonic

No Place as Relaxing as a Bath

Cute gif of cats playing and swimming in the water of a bathtub.
By Unknown

From the Vault: Not the Hero the Fish Deserves

bathtub Cats captions fish batman from the vault classics - 6696244736
Via meggypeggy

I am not finding this relaxing.

relaxing bubbles bath bathtub tub Cats captions clean - 6655838720
See all captions By mdravon
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