I Can Has Cheezburger?


Excuse me, where's the bathroom? If you're looking for toilet memes to clean out that potty mouth, you've come to the right place.

23 screenshots from a Twitter thread about cats not being aloof or detached from their owners | Thumbnail includes a picture of an orange tabby holding its paw up to a human's face and a picture of an orange cat paw peeking from underneath a wooden door 'Proof that cats are not aloof'

Heartwarming Twitter Thread Filled With Proof That Cats Are Not Aloof (23+ Images)

That cats are here to prove everyone wrong
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4 TikToks of cat people being shocked that non-cat people don't have companions to poop with | Thumbnail includes a woman looking at a black cat, three cats looking up at a camera, and a woman holding a cat in the bathroom

Cat Owners Are Flabbergasted That Non-Cat People Poop By Themselves (Without A Cat)

Poor things, they have no one to protect them from the scary bathroom stuff
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video of cat jumping into mom's bath | thumbnail image of cat in bath

Cat Loves Jumping In And Stealing His Mom’s Baths (Video)

Bathtime, don't forget the rubber ducky
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12 photos and videos of cats and dogs watching their human's in the bathroom | Thumbnail includes a photo of a cat peeking through a door 'no u dont understand i have to watch u poop'

Cats Follow Their Owners To The Bathroom To Protect Them From Dangerous Bathroom Things

I protec from danger
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17 facebook images and comments, potty training accidents | thumbnail blue background with text "phantom crapper'. growing up, our cat decided to use our toilet for number twos, but having no opposable thumbs, couldnt flush after she'd done. but until I caught her in the act, my mum would blame us all for it. I only caught her in the act because I snuck up the stairs and peered around the top of the stairs in the direction of the bathroom to find the cat squatting on the toilet"

Funniest Potty-Training Accidents Pet Owners Experienced: ICanHas Edition

Whoopsie daisies
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16 facebook comments potty training accidents | thumbnail text "hiana Elizabeth Henry The bearded dragon does not like sitting where he poops - reasonable. Dragon was sitting on the back of the chair. Needed to poop. Jumped onto the boyfriend's shoulder, pooped on him, then jumped back onto the chair. For a lizard, pretty smart, eh? D 17 Like · Reply Hide · 1w"

ICanHas Users Share Their Most Cringeworthy Pet Potty Training Experiences

Hilarious accidents
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video of an owl taking a birdbath | thumbnail includes a picture of an owl standing in a birdbath

Owldorable Little Owl Enjoying A Birdbath (Video)

Rub a dub dub, a cute owl in a tub.
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animation of a cat discovering the bathroom for the first time thumbnail includes a picture of a cat yelling at a bath full of water

Meowmoirs: Cat Versus The Bathroom

Cats Vs. Water: the ultimate battle
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what taking a bath is like with two cats - thumbnail of black cat climbing tub faucet

Imgur User Reveals What Taking A Bath With Cats Is Truly Like

Yup. Seems accurate.
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the fifth entry of meowmoirs diary of a cat about the bathroom from the perspective of a cat thumbnail includes a picture of a cat in a sink with the name of the entry and a quote from it 'Cat - Meowmoirs: The bathroom November 6, 2020 "Yes. They sit on the water bowl... Every single time they CANHAS CHEEZ RCER go into 'the chamber of water', I must join."'

Meowmoirs: November 6, 2020 The Bathroom

Or as Earnie calls it: the chamber of water. The fifth entry of Earnie's diary!
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squirrel bedroom photography art animals photoshoot bathroom awesome wildlife | cute squirrel standing beside a tiny miniature bed frame made from wooden sticks and little bed sheets

Wildlife Photographer Creates Tiny Bedroom For A Squirrel

The sweetest
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Adorable Sloth Taking a Bath While Holding a Stuffed Toy

Watch This Adorable Sloth Taking a Bath While Holding a Stuffed Toy

Sloth Taking a Bath
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Funny cat photos

When Your Cat Tries To Sneak Into The Bathroom With You

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aww cat toilet paper cute bathroom toilet Cats - 608518

Stanley The Cat Can Use The Toilet But His Toilet Paper Usage Needs Some Work!

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The very best of guard dogs

cute corgi bathroom funny - 9337950464
Via OctopussSevenTwo
cats tweets peeing funny

Cats Being Total Creepers While Their Owners Use The Restroom (15 Memes)

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