I Can Has Cheezburger?


17 screenshots from a Reddit thread where someone posted their angry cat post bath and funny comments | Thumbnail includes two photos of an angry tortoiseshell cat post bath 'I bathed my cat. Do you think I should run?'

Hooman Gives Cat A Bath And Now Has 7 Days To Vacate

It's over for you, hooman
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video of a sloth getting a bath while holding onto a stuffed animal - thumbnail of sloth getting a bath while holding a stuffed animal

Sloth Gets A Bath While Holding Onto Stuffed Animal (Video)

Too precious
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grandpa-to-be demonstrates how to bathe a baby while using a cat - thumbnail of grandpa-to-be pretend bathing a baby while using a cat

Grandpa-To-Be Demonstrates Bathing A Baby By Using A Cat

This is so adorable
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aww youtube kitten bath cute Cats stray Video bathing rescue - 1064710

Rescued Baby Kitten Gets Much Needed Bath

Baby kitten finds out that first baths are not easy or fun
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Real Furiends Help Bathe Each Other

Via Dougiedoug92
elephant Video bathing - 83755265

Rescued Elephant Enjoys a River Bath with the Help of Some Nice Humans

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My Mistake

animals caption Cats funny bathing - 8546020864
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lil bub cute Cats Video bathing - 67290881

Lil BUB Shares a Bubble Bath Time With Us

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Please Don't Bathe Me!

bathing - 7714494464
Created by Izzy

You May Even Live To Brag About It!

tigers water swimming mainstream dangerous bathing - 6944317184
See all captions Created by djcat595
baths sinks Cats Video bathing - 46358785

Bath Time for Mowgli: Bengal Cat in a Sink

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baby elephants baths water elephants Video bathing - 45416193

More Baby Elephant Bath Time Fun

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clean baths water chill Cats Video bathing - 45179649

Chill Cat Bath Time

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baby elephants baths water elephants squee Video bathing - 44290049

Baby Elephant Bath Time

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wet kitten long haired baths water animal planet Cats Video bathing - 44242433

Reginald's Slow-Motion Bath and Blow-Dry

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How to Wash a Cat

baths trolling instructions tricks How To Cats toilets bathing - 6726098432
Via Reddit
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