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47 pictures of cats laying in boxes, baskets, and cloths | Thumbnail includes a picture of 6 black kittens each laying in a plastic container and a picture of a fluffy orange cat hanging out in a bin with heart shaped cut outs

47 Cute Photos Of Cat Traps Done The Right Way

All you need is a box, a basket, or cloth
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13 images of cats in baskets | thumbnail left cat laying at angle in basket, thumbnail right cat crouching in basket with leather straps

Cats In Baskets: Friendly Felines Relaxing In The Most Comfortable Of Baskets

Relaxing in style
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an assortment of photos of cats sitting in baskets | thumbnail includes a tweet of a two cats sitting in a basket saying 'My mother sent me photos of her cats taking turns in this tiny basket and I frankly care about nothing else today'

Purrfect Photos Of Cats Attempting To Nap In Baskets

If it fits I sits.
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cat nala biking video adventure basket cute aww stray forever home youtube animals

Nala, The Adventure Bike-Riding Cat, Gets A New Basket (Video)

Dean has a new bike set-up for his little furbaby -- a new and improved basket!
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Just Sitting Here...

photo of a cat sitting in a basket
Via Shoebox on tumblr
easter cute rabbit bunny Video basket - 395015

Nothing Says Easter Quite Like a Bunch of Bunnies in a Basket

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My Cat Has Three Fancy Cat Beds, But He Never Uses Them

cat out get down caption mom lie basket - 8972280064
See all captions Created by icguy34

The Best of All Baskets

Babies baby basket best ever full puppies puppy squee - 5465597440

Leave the Tuna Then Leave Me to My Fitting and Sitting

basket Cats ceiling cat tuna if i fits i sits - 8456838656
See all captions Created by hippydippy

Good Thing it's Only November

easter rabbit bunny basket - 8378355200
See all captions Created by MSchreff

I Couldn't be More Cozy

basket Cats cute funny I fits I sits - 8133676032
See all captions Created by djcat595

Special Delivery!

basket cute puppies - 7970147328
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Ais a Killr Whale...Feed Meh Fishes!

basket Cats cute fish feed - 7960660224

Trust Me, I Fits

basket Cats funny I fits I sits - 7960600320

It Was Either Me or Him

basket Cats funny - 7945099520
See all captions Created by raekathy

Told you I Could fit!

fit gifs cute Cats basket - 7903478272
Created by ani.s4 ( Via www.youtube.com )
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