I Can Has Cheezburger?


video of a cat crashing a baseball game field thumbnail includes a picture of a grey cat sitting on a field

Cat Runs Through Field, Holds Up Game (Video)

The real winner of the game is us.
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a funny video of a cat running through a baseball game

Adorable Cat Runs Through Major Baseball Game

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funny cat situation in which a cat invaded the pitch made baseball interesting just a bit more that day.

Baseball Finally Gets Interesting Thanks to This Cat Who Purrfectly Crashed a Game

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baseball TV cubs Video - 83422209

George Is a Huge Cubs Fan, He's Also a Golden Retriever

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Moar Kittens in Baseball Plz

animals baseball Cats caption kitten catch - 8804483584
By BestCaptionz
seattle baseball cute - 806661

Bark in the Park with the Seattle Mariners is Baseball's Cutest Night of the Year

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vine baseball Video - 80278017

You Were so Close, Bud

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baseball Cats Video - 80063233

Cat Interrupts Baseball Game By Running Onto the Field

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Puppy That Was Abandoned at a Baseball Stadium Gets Adopted by the Team

abandoned puppy gets adopted by baseball team
Via The Savannah Bananas
baseball Video - 79190017

Just a Dog in a Baby Carrier Hanging With Mom and Dad at a Baseball Game

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You Know Your Baseball Team Is Garbage When Raccoons Start Showing up for Games

raccoon baseball team garbage
Via Munimalist

Someone On the Mound Is Going Nutz

squirrel baseball - 8496518656
See all captions By signet02

Same as Alex Frogriguez

puns baseball frog - 8359792640
See all captions By TuckerBentley

Boyfriend Makes Good on Puppy Promise, Adopts Corgi After Royals Victory

adoption baseball corgi - 8341561088
Via uproxx

Bat Dog

baseball critters bats gifs - 8204839424
Via Google
hero baseball Cats funny Video - 61144065

The Feline Hero Throws the First Pitch!

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