Man Risks His Life To Save His Cat From 6th Floor Neighbour's Balcony

How far would you go to save your cat in the event of danger? For one man in Toronto, his love for his cat was put to the test when his poor kitty found himself stuck out on a ledge…6 stories high in the air! Prepare to be impressed when you check out this daring rescue! Others would probably have knocked on their neighbor's door to ask for their cat back, but  this guy that was his first course of action. He had to think fast for his cat's safety, because his neighbor's didn't answer. The man has requested to have his identity to remain private. He explained that he had simply opened his patio door to get some fresh air. Per usual, he had placed his typical method of containment, a baby gate, to keep his cat inside the apartment and not on the patio. Then, thinking nothing of it, the cat dad turned his back, and that split second turned his day into a rescue mission. Via: Cole And Mermalade

man rescues a cat in a tall building
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