I Can Has Cheezburger?

bad idea

bad idea bears Video animals - 82639105

This Guy's Idea of Scaring Away a Black Bear Cub is Basically 9-Minutes of Bear-Idiocy

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The Cows Aren't Thrilled with Either Activity

heavy cow bad idea true story lift - 8475184640
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christmas camel bad idea church Video animals fail nation g rated - 67453185

Another Reason to Never Have Live Animals in Your Christmas Service

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At Least the Smart One is Driving

pets bad idea scooter - 8216291584
By beernbiccies

I'm Sorry, I Thought You'd be Delicious...You Were!

bad idea snow tigers - 8173080064
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Fred Will, no Doubt, Explain It to Him

bad idea funny - 7746260480
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This was a bad idea...

bad idea Movie shocked golden lab - 6821426944
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From the files of Really, Really Bad Ideas

ceiling fear bad idea captions fan spin Cats - 6749346048
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And really only fun for about 5 seconds.

bad idea Cats ceiling ceiling fan FAIL fall fan fly toy - 6369337600
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Sometimes a Good Costume is a Bad Idea

bad idea costume eating hunting lions zebra - 6362429696
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I Just Need to Flap Harder

bad idea dreams fly let go turtle - 6337827328
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I Like That Word Much Better

bad idea eating lion snack stupid wrestling - 6349314560
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back bad idea bath baths captions Cats claws cuddle hurt lolcats ouch pain wet - 6353524736
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This Was the Last Picture on the Camera

bad idea buffalo face snowball - 6261047552
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But kitty

bad idea drink idea morning vodka - 6228568320
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Mom Warned Us Not to Play With Static Electricity

baby birds bad idea Balloons feathers hair rub siblings - 6136461568
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