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bad haircut

thread about a cat getting a bad haircut and getting mad at its human | thumbnail includes two images including one of a fluffy cat and one of a cat with a bad haircut 'So my AC died right before we got a massive heat wave, Vet recommend me giving my cat a hair cut... Took her a week to forgive me kingbudo101'

Person Whose AC Stopped Working During Heatwave Gives Cat Haircut, Cat Refuses To Forgive Them For 2 Weeks

A hissterical viral thread.
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A TikTok video and 12 comments about a curious cat investigating woman's side hair that looks like cat ears | Thumbnail includes two screenshots of a woman with side hair that looks like cat ears and an orange cat in an embrace

Woman's Side Hairs Form Into The Shape Of Facing-Out Cat Ears, Cat Comes To Appease Her

Is this a new cat?
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12 images and text of cat post hair cut | thumbnail cat after haircut with text

An Unfortunate Groomers Trip Left This Kitty Half Naked

Haircut Gone Wrong But In The Silliest Way Possible
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15 dogs with weird haircuts

15 Dogs with Frankly Ridiculous Haircuts

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tweets of dogs getting bad haircuts thumbnail includes a two before and after pictures of a dog getting a haircut and one tweet 'Dog - ICE ... @REALBURTIIS count your fucking days petsmart 5:18 AM Feb 26, 2021 - Twitter for iPhone 76.3K Retweets 16.5K Quote Tweets 548.9K Likes'

Dogs Getting Offensively Funny Haircuts At PetSmart (Viral Tweets)

Why you do them like this?
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bad haircut basement cat cat scare - 3172675072
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