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When Cats Babysit: Heartwarming Instances of Affectionate Felines Caring for Their Little Human Companions

The ideal babysitters
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20 pics of cats with small humans (children, babies)

When Cats Babysit- Wholesome Moments of Tender Felines With Their Smol Hooman Counterparts (20 Purrfect Pics)

Wholesome goodness
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13 screenshots from a twitter thread where people discuss cat sitting and share the pictures they've received from their cat sitters of their angry cats

Cats That Did Not Like Their Babysitters

Do we feel bad for the cats or the sitters?
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a crazy story about a woman who left her dog with a dog sitter who made some poor decisions | thumbnail includes text saying 'she sent me a picture of my dog, who she was allowing her 6 year old niece to lie on. Like my dog was sleeping and her head was on my dogs side.'

Reddit Thread: Woman Ends Vacation To Take Her Dog Away From Irresponsible Sitter

Would you let someone do this with your dog?
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12 text based images discussion dogs acting as child care providers | thumbnail text "My GSD checks on everyone in the house throughout the night. My oldest son got disoriented one night after moving rooms and my dog always gets up to walk him into our room and when he went to the kitchen instead of the bedroom, my dog started SOBBING the loudest saddest sobs, I've never heard before. And I jumped up to see him trying to heard him to me. Love sweet stories about dogs protecting their babies."

Doggos Embracing Parental Instincts And Acting As Babysitters

Everyone loves free childcare
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cat photography

What Happens When A Photographer Babysits Your Cat

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kitten babysitting cat videos Cats Video - 94326529

When Prince Michael and Phil Help The Neighbor Babysit Her Kittens

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I babysit..

babysitting kids whatbreed - 647259392
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cheetah zoo cute australian shepherd babysitting sweet Video - 79966209

Meet Blakely, the Australian Shepherd That Works at a Zoo

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Kittehs Lern Stuffs At a Yung Age

Cats babysitting kitten - 8345249024
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Don't Worry...Kitteh iz Safe!

kitten babysitting Cats - 8288889344
Via toniashley88

I Got This...Enjoy Your Date, Guys!

babysitting dating - 8185222656
Via Oda_nicullah

Babysitting is Hard

bunnies cute babysitting gifs - 8179027456
Created by ani.s4 ( Via www.youtube.com )

Literal Cat Takes you Literally

kitten cute literal babysitting Cats - 7901228544
See all captions Created by two_kittehs

Why moms don't let grandpa babysit

bulldog puppies babysitting Grandpa - 6692801792
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