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baby animals

pictures of bear cubs to celebrate national hug a bear day thumbnail includes two pictures including one of a bear cub sitting on its butt and another of two bear friends interacting

Celebrating National 'Hug A Bear Day' With Adorable Bear Cub Pics

Un-bear-ably cute baby bears
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pictures and gifs of baby sloths thumbnail includes two pictures including one of two baby sloths cuddling and another of a baby sloth hanging from a tree branch

Baby Sloths Are Quickly Spreading Joy

Adorable gifs and pics of the slowest babies
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baby bats being wrapped up into tiny burritos - thumbnail includes an image of multiple baby bats wrapped up like burritos

Sweet Baby Bat Burritos Providing Major Aww's (Video)

The freakin' cutest
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Makes perfect sense to us!

My husband said no more dogs so two baby cows calves indoors inside a house by a washing machine
Via pearlbleau
story of a pelican couple who tried to have a baby for years and now have a baby pelican - thumbnail of two pelicans in love and happy

After Six Years Of Trying, Pelican Couple Welcomes Baby

And they're so excited!
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pics and vids of the cutest animals of the week - thumbnail of man with a stray kitten "A stray kitten just came up and took a nap on my lap. Best moment in this whole miserable year."

Time To Take In The Weekly Dose Of Cute (#104)

So. Much. Cute.
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In case you needed it today, here are some hyena cubs

cute pic of two baby hyena cubs adorable wildlife nature
Via Grougaloragran
video of cute baby beaver, the first beaver born at Point Defiance Zoo - thumbnail of close up of baby beaver

Awwdorable Baby Beaver Melting Hearts (Video)

So cute
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pics and vids of small, adorable baby chipmunks - thumbnail includes two images of small, adorable baby chipmunks on a pumpkin and in a person's palm

Wholesome Mini-Gallery Of Baby Chipmunks

So smol and so cute
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video of a flower hat being placed on baby duckling and then it falls asleep - thumbnail of flower hat on duckling

Baby Duckling Falls Asleep Under Flower Hat (Video)

The most wholesome video
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Sweet Baby Monkey Happily Drinking Some Milk (Video)

video of impatient adorable monkey who wants her milk - thumbnail of lyly the monkey drinking her milk
So impatient
video of baby orangutan being reunited with her mother - thumbnail of mother finally holding her baby

Orangutan Reunited With Kidnapped Daughter (Video)

Reunited and it feels so good
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video of a mom hyena grooming and snuggling with her baby cub - thumbnail of happy smiling hyena mom and baby cub

Mama Hyena Loving On Her Cub (Video)

No love like a mothers love
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adorable baby flamingos learning to walk - thumbnail of two baby flamingos

Aww-dorable Fluffy Baby Flamingos Can't Stay Still (Video)

So small and fluffy
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orange kitten and baby chick take a nap together - thumbnail of kitten and baby chick napping

Kitten And Baby Chick Are The Best Snuggle Buddies (Video)

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pics and vids of the cutest animals of the week - thumbnail of jumping ferret 'H O P'

Time To Take In The Weekly Dose Of Cute (#101)

So. Much. Cute.
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