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A Youtube video about a year in the life of a baby cub growing up and celebrating his first birthday | Thumbnail includes a picture of a baby cub sitting on a blue box behind a silver pole and surrounded by snow

Wild Tiger That Was Rescued As A Cub Is Now Celebrating His First Birthday (Video)

If dangerous why so cute??
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Newborn Kitten Gets Rescued and Becomes One Woman's Life-Long Friend

That's one lucky kitty
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video of cat caring for baby squirrels | thumbnail image of mama cat with baby squirrels and kittens

Mama Cat Adopts Four Orphaned Baby Squirrels (Video)

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video highlighting rare baby deer | thumbnail image of baby deer close up portrait sticking his tongue out

Rare Baby Deer's Birth Delights Zookeepers (Video)

We love a baby deer
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goat baby animals ruthf goats cute animals cute farm animals yoga animals - 16413445

Adorable Goats: Photos That Prove Goat Yoga is the Cutest Way to Work Out

Goat Yoga Month!
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a video where puppies predict who will win the superbowl | thumbnail includes text saying 'PUPPIES PREDICT THE SUPERBOWL'

Puppies Predict The Super Bowl Winner (Video)

So Cute!
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a heartwarming video about a mama horse adopting a new foal as her own | thumbnail includes a photo fo the horse with the foal

Horse Mother Adopts A Foal As Her Own After Losing Baby (Video)

So Heartwarming
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a heartwarming story about a baby wombat being rescued | thumbnail includes a photo of a man with a wombat

Woman Rescues Cuddly Wombat (Video)

What could be cuter?
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video of elephants dancing in the rain | thumbnail includes photos of elephants dancing together in the rain

Elephants Dance To Celebrate The Rain (Video)

Everybody Dance Now
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a wholesome story about an abandoned kitten finding his forever home together with his siblings | thumbnail includes two photos of ouzo the kitten

Ouzo The Foster Kitty Finds A Furever Home: Awwdorable Photos

We love a happy ending!
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a super cute video of baby otters playing and having fun and sleeping | thumbnail includes text saying 'Kotaro and Hana'

Sleeping Baby Otters Wake Up To Play (Video)

Cuteness Overload
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a wholesome video about a donkey raised like a hooman baby | thumbnail includes two donkey photos of the awwdorable guy

Awwdorable Abandoned Donkey Raised Like Hooman Baby (Video)

So Stinkin' Cute!
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a cute video of a baby rat and the mama rat | thumbnail includes a rescued mama rat and her hooman

Rescued Mama Rat Shocks Hooman With Surprise Baby (Video)

Rat-ically Cute!
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a wholesome video of a mama rabbit with her baby bunnies | thumbnail includes a baby bunny perched delicately on a hand

Fluffy Baby Rabbit Playing With Mama (Video)

Hop to it!
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a dramatic reddit thread about a woman asking her cousin to change her two-year-old dog's name | thumbnail includes text saying 'My cousin knows my dogs name as she has been around her a few times at family gatherings, but however after she baby was born she told me that i needed to change my dogs name. i asked why and she said that it wasn't okay for me to have named my dog after her daughter.'

Asked By Cousin To Change Her Adult Dog's Name: Reddit Thread

Is two a crowd?
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educational video of foxes fox cubs inside of den | thumbnail fox with baby fox "baby foxes"

Up Close And Personal Inside Red Fox Babies Underground Den (Video)

Extreme cuteness
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