I Can Has Cheezburger?


video of baby elephant tumbling down mudslide | thumbnail image of baby elephant on mudslide

Baby Elephant Takes An Adorable Tumble Down Mudslide (Video)

Pure joy in video form
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thread about choosing pets over parenting kids | thumbnail blue background  text " But the reason I realised I didn't want kids now is because, as the woman in the relationship, I picked up so much more of the care for the dog. All the training, getting up early for toilet trips, making sure his food was defrosted, every damn thing was down to me. I nearly lost a client due to lack of sleep/barking training/ having a hard time coping (I'm freelance). "

Redditors Discuss How Owning Dogs Influenced Their Decision To Not Have Kids

Thought provoking
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video of piglets on mexican beach enjoying themselves | thumbnail image of two piglets on beach

Litter Of Sweet Piglets Has A Party On Mexican Beach (Video)

Not only humans like to party!
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a story about a blind and deaf cat who was born and the advice that people gave | thumbnail includes text saying 'I had a cat with cerebellar hyperplasia. He was born deaf, had a bit of a bobble head motion going on, and walked in circles a lot. I loved this cat like crazy. He could do pretty much anything the other cats could, just not with as much grace.'

Advice For Taking Care Of A Deaf And Blind Kitten: Wholesome Thread

The Hellen Keller of cats.
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stories of cats trusting their owners with their kittens thumbnail includes one Facebook comment 'Rectangle - Amberly Stacy Mathews A few years ago, my cat had 7 kittens. One night I was watching tv in the living room and she carried each kitten one by one and set them in my lap. Then she went to the other couch and slept for an hour. 770 Like · Reply Message 20h'

Stories Of Cat Moms Trusting Their Humans With Their Kittens

Cat mommas need breaks too sometimes.
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video of a tiger mom giving birth to five tiger cubs | thumbnail includes a picture of a tiger and five tiger cubs

Tired Tiger Momma Gives Birth To Quintuplets (Video)

Just look at her poor face lol.
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story about a cat who was abandoned in the middle of active labor getting rescued | thumbnail includes a picture of a cat and kittens and a note 'Brown - Please help US Please help us!! y homans rere trash and &usholes'

Cat In The Middle Of Active Labor Found Abandoned Outside With A Note

Thank goodness she was found on time.
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animated video of a baby being rescued with the help of a cat | thumbnail includes a frame from the animation

When A Cat Finds An Abandoned Baby (Original Animation)

Straight to the feels.
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18 images of baby animals | thumbnail left baby sloth, thumbnail right two baby otters

Teeny Weeny Animal Babies In All Their Wholesome Glory

Cuteness overload
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video of two fox pups playing on slide | thumbnail left and right images of slide with two fox pups playing

Rescue Fox Pups Playing On Slide (Video)

It's no secret that we love and appreciate all animals. However, every so often, we fall madly in love with a specific animal that captures our attention on that given day. Today, its foxes . Foxes have all the beauty and intelligence of cats, mixed with the outgoing personalities of loving dogs. Basically, they are one of the most amazing creations that nature has to offer. These two sweet pups simply radiate all the wholesome goodness that there is in the world! We're ready to put the computeā€¦
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tumblr thread about a feral pregnant cat finding a forever home | thumbnail includes one tumblr post 'Font - sermna Follow There's a mama cat living in my garage named Felicia. When she first showed up she was almost completely feral. She knew humans dispensed food, and that was about as far as her trust and interest extended for many months. But y'all, she fucked up. She had kittens in my garage last May. She was at my mercy.'

Tumblr Thread: Pregnant Feral Cat Falls In Love With New Forever Home

Became a total cuddle monster <3
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story of a pregnant stray cat asking a person for help | thumbnail includes two pictures including a kitten with large paws as well as a mom cat lying next to five newborn babies

Pregnant Cat Begs Woman For Help To Save Her Kittens

Everything for her babies <3
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video of a dad cat meeting its newborn babies for the first time | thumbnail includes picture of a cat bumping noses against another cat and kittens

Dad Cat Meets His Newborn Kittens And Gently Kisses Mom Cat (Video)

Most awwdorable family <3
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twitter thread about a raccoon mom and her babies falling through the roof into someone's house | thumbnail includes two pictures of a raccoon inside someone's trashed room and one tweet 'Property - haley iliff @haley_iliff i came home from new york and a racoon fell through the roof above my bedroom (1/??) 4:53 PM Jun 26, 2021 Twitter for iPhone 7,624 Retweets 2,483 Quote Tweets 72.4K Likes'

Twitter Thread: Raccoon Mom And Babies Fall Through Roof And Cause Chaos

Room trashed by trash pandas.
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viral imgur thread of animal pregnancies | thumbnail includes two pictures including a pregnant zebra and a pregnant beluga whale

What Pregnancies Look Like In The Animal World (Viral Thread)

Nature is incredible.
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12 images and videos of robin laying eggs | thumbnail left robin couple sharing snack in nest, thumbnail right three freshly laid robin eggs

Sweet Robin Couple Becomes Parents (Videos)

Beautiful Process: Egg Laying And Hatching
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