I Can Has Cheezburger?


video of a woman rescuing an axolotl who was previously neglected by its owners | thumbnail includes two pictures of an axolotl in a water tank

Rescuing A Previously Neglected Axolotl And Gently Nursing It Back To Health (Video)

This video is nothing but wholesomeness and kindheartedness.
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viral imgur thread about a Morphed Axolotl | thumbnail includes two pictures of a Morphed Axolotl 'One day I noticed that he was looking really "sick." I quarantined him from his tankmates and within a week, he [had] no gills, no webbed feet, and he didn't want water anymore at all. Goldfisj'

Viral Thread: The Incredible Story Of A Morphed Axolotl

An insane transformation.
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axolotl yawning is so cute - thumbnail of axolotl yawning

Axolotls Yawning Is Simply Too Cute For Words (Video)

The cutest
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list axolotl cute weird - 1938437

Have You Ever Wondered What Axolotl Babies Look Like?

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I Has a Glass Home, So I no Throw Stones!

axolotl science - 7141593088
Created by Phoenixcry

Reader Squee: Beautiful Oddity

amphibian axolotl creepicute pet reader squee - 6564663296
Created by CaptainCassie

Daily Squee: Creepicute - Axolotl or Alien?

amphibian amphibians antennae axolotl creepicute Hall of Fame squee strange - 6310759936
Created by Unknown