I Can Has Cheezburger?


This week’s collection of cat tweets | thumbnail includes two tweets of cat photos, text reads 'She is auditioning to become a throw rug.' and 'A (very) rich evening loaf today, friends?'

The Week's Most Supurrb Cat Tweets (October 15)

Everybody's purring for the weekend.
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posts of animals newly adopted this week | thumbnail includes a picture of a curled up kitten 'A poor old lady next to the supermarket was begging people to take this little baby home because she can’t afford to take care of both her mother and the kitten. I couldn’t resist! u/LyingKnee'

Meet The Newly Adopted Faces Of The Week (20 Images)

Adopt, don't shop.
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List of 12 pictures of cows playing with dogs | Thumbnail left picture a cow and a dog running, right picture 6 cows staring down a dog

Doggo And Cow Friendship Is Udderly Cute: Awwdorable Photos of Dogs And Cows

Cattle cuties.
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story about a cat who always looks sad | thumbnail includes two pictures of a sad looking kitten with a genetic condition

Kitten With Rare Condition Who Always Looks Sad Becomes A Total Cuddle Monster

Sad no mow
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video of cat following its owner everywhere | thumbnail left cat on shoulder of owner, thumbnail right cat staring out of car window

Awwdorable Kitty Follows Owner Everywhere (Video)

Bonded for life.
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compilation of funny dog memes and tweets | thumbnail includes a photo of a dog walking in a parade happily with the text 'If your day is bad always remember this happy little dog who thought this parade was just for him'

Pupper Medley: Compilation of Marvelous Doggo Memes and Tweets

Stay pawsitive with these fun memes!
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list of photos of dogs smiling and being happy | thumbnail includes two photos of smiling dogs, one is staring out at a lake

Puppers Pawsitively Bursting With Joy: Cute Photos Of Smiling Doggos

Happy doggos.
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viral imgur thread about a maine coon kitten growing up | thumbnail includes two pictures of a maine coon kitten 'maine coon from kitten to 18 months old'

Thread: The Tiny-To-Huge Growing Process Of A Maine Coon Kitten

From so tiny to so, so big
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Halfway To Caturday cat memes | thumbnail includes two cats holding hands and the text 'Just want y'all to know my cats fell asleep on the couch holding hands"

Halfway To Caturday; Fun Memes About Cute And Cuddly Cats

It's that time of the week!
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this week's collection of pictures that are worth more than 1000 words | thumbnail includes two pictures including a scary bird and a cat standing on its back legs with its paws up

Pictures Worth More Than 1000 Words (23 images)

When words aren't enough...
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a collection of posts about cats | thumbnail includes a picture of a kitten sprawled out over a tired man 'How are you supposed to get up when this happens? u/JayToThePop'

Cat Medley: Cuteness Galore, Funnies, Rescues, And Appreciation

The best kitty cats.
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video of a group of cheetah cubs meeting another group of cheetah cubs | thumbnail includes a picture of five cheetah cubs looking at a carrier with a cheetah cub poking its head out of it

Totally Not Scared Rescued Cheetah Cubs Make Friends With More Cheetah Cubs (Video)

They're definitely, super tough against these new cubs, just ignore the loud squeaking
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twitter thread about a cute cat named george on roast beef dinner day | thumbnail has a photo of a cat and the text 'Good morning and welcome to roast dinner day Shine a great light on your most amazing qualities. We tend to focus on the negative aspects of us and forget all the greatness that we have within. You ARE amazing'

Twitter Thread: Celebrating Adorable Cat Qualities

Spreading Pawsitivity.
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pics of the cutest animals of the week | thumbnail includes a picture of a puppy 'this little guy welcomed himself into my house the other day, I took him back over to the neighbors. Well, this morning he came back and I asked if I could buy him and they just gave him to me lol. If anyone has an idea of the breed please let me know. u/lsqueakerzl'

Time To Take In The Weekly Dose Of Cute (#156)

Too. much. cuteness.
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video of an owl taking a birdbath | thumbnail includes a picture of an owl standing in a birdbath

Owldorable Little Owl Enjoying A Birdbath (Video)

Rub a dub dub, a cute owl in a tub.
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pictures of ferrets being cute and adorable | thumbnail includes two pictures of tiny cute ferrets

13 Of The Cutest Ferrets To Make Your Day So Much Better

Ferret Fellows.
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