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Those Birds Are E-nor-mus!

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Mahi Mahi Swims Right Up to a Man on a Beach

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Dogs are For Americans

australia crocodile scary truck - 8116473600
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Just Your Average Run on the Beach in Australia

Funny GIF of a woman jogging along the beach somewhere in Australia, and little baby kangaroo, called a joey, is bouncing after her.
australia koalas cute - 58360321

G'Day Lil' Koala! Wanna Climb a Tree?

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This Map Shows Australia is Divided Between Cats and Dogs

head australia Cats funny - 7995745536

Champion Air Guitarist of Australia

australia guitar gifs Music kangaroos - 7958587904

Baby Koala Needs a Nuzzle

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This is How Australia Prevents Postal Tampering

lizards scary australia mail - 7885925888

This Week's Squee Spree Winner: The Echidna

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Meanwhile In Australia...

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Squee Over Australia's Wildly Cute Gift to the Royal Baby!

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Squee Spree: Quokka vs. Koala

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The Kids are Fitting In Well, but They Get Tired of Hopping.

kids australia costume kangaroos - 7101414400
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This Guy and I Share the Same Attitude on Life

gifs beer interspecies run kangaroo australia wallaby - 7039454208

Tastes Good, Man

gifs kangaroo australia nom chew food - 7035667968
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