I Can Has Cheezburger?


Hey can I ass you a question? What's the big deal? Well if you're here already, check out the quality merchandise, and I don't mean the rear. Anything and anything having to do with the ass in all it's forms will be here to satisfy your cravings.

Nobody Messes With My PoofyPig!

can ass caption dont open make woof - 8806614016
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Frank is Always Up on His High...Donkey?

ass gloves puns - 7952236032
By Unknown

Protect Your Ass

donkey ass funny protect - 7613307648
Via Reddit

Decide What You Want, Then Open It

pun donkey refrigerator ass food fridge - 6825458176
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That is a Huge Ass

ass donkey farm gifs pun squee - 6510883584
By Unknown

You Silly Ass

gifs car head shake donkey ass window - 6748416000
By Unknown

I Make This Look Better

pun looks good donkey ass - 6667997184
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Of Course, That's Not Yours

ass difference donkey expression stupid - 6571565312
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ass donkey gifs lol pun - 6580442880
By Unknown

Seriously, How Can You Stay Mad at That?

ass donkey lick literally pun puppy - 6531514112
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Animal Capshunz: I Think That's What he Meant

army ass captain captions donkey pun - 6478206976
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When Your Husband's An Ass

annoying ass beer donkey game husband jerk pizza refrigerator - 6498516992
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Animal Capshunz: He's Not the One On the Diet

ass captions confused doctor donkey help refrigerator - 6500542208
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I Happen to Like My Ass

army ass donkey gun last pun - 6479852288
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So I Guess It's My Fault for Not Clarifying

army ass confusion donkey pun - 6478266624
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Though it Looks Plenty Big from Here

advice ass bigger donkey feet touch - 6470002176
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