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a woman chooses to pay for her dog's surgery over her parents and asks the internet if she's the asshole | thumbnail includes text saying 'AITA for paying for my dogs surgery but not my mothers?I (f23) was raised by 2 parents who believe that being a parent ends once the child turns 18. The moment I turned 18 I was forced to pay rent and for all other costs associated with my survival if you will. I ended up moving out until I graduated high school and moved in my college dorm.'

Parents Enraged After Adult Daughter Prioritizes Her Dog's Surgery Over Theirs: Reddit Thread

Who comes first in your life?
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a thread about a woman whose cat hates her boyfriend | thumbnail includes text saying ' don’t know what to do. I have never seen my cat hiss or act aggressively towards anyone else, including her vet. Do I trust that my boyfriend doesn’t mistreat her when I’m gone? Is there another explanation for why she’s behaving this way towards him? I keep'

Woman's Cat Suddenly Hates Her Boyfriend: Internet Weighs In

Could something upsetting be going on?
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a crazy story about a woman who left her dog with a dog sitter who made some poor decisions | thumbnail includes text saying 'she sent me a picture of my dog, who she was allowing her 6 year old niece to lie on. Like my dog was sleeping and her head was on my dogs side.'

Reddit Thread: Woman Ends Vacation To Take Her Dog Away From Irresponsible Sitter

Would you let someone do this with your dog?
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a story about a Redditor's cousin demanding money to pay for her dog | thumbnail includes text saying 'Is it wrong of me to want to put Christmas presents for my family above her dog, given her dog will at least have food from the money I am offering?'

Dog Owner Asks Cousin To Give Up Christmas Gifts For Puppy

Dogs before presents?
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12 tips for comforting a scared or lonely guinea pig | thumbnail includes a picture of a guinea pig and a caption ' Sing to her! It helped me bond with my pigs immensely.'

Informative Thread: How To Comfort A Scared Guinea Pig

Helpful Tips To Care For Your Guinea Pig.
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