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AI Company Tried To Generate Cat Photos From Scratch With Delightfully Cat-astrophic Results

The AI engine that produced the creepy cat photos is called StyleGAN because apparently, what works for human faces proved to be another story when it comes to cat faces. 

In fact, the images of these made-up people were so good it was nearly impossible for human viewers to distinguish from photos of real people. But for some reason, the same algorithm that generated flawless human faces created cats with misshapen heads; the wrong number of eyes and legs; and bodies that were too long, too short, unusually rotund or rectangular, and bent at peculiar angles.

So, why couldn't StyleGAN create adorably realistic cat photos? The algorithm was doing its best with what it had to work with — and when it came to cats, the thousands of reference images that it used were less than ideal, said Janelle Shane, a researcher who wrote about the bizarre cats on her blog AI Weirdness.

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