I Can Has Cheezburger?


viral twitter thread about someone making an army of snow ducks | thumbnail includes two pictures including a snowball maker toy and a whole lot of snow ducks and one tweet 'Product - woahh mann @ashhhhhhole this is the best day of my life 8:44 PM - Jan 15, 2022 - Twitter for iPhone 91.5K Retweets 8,701 Quote Tweets 953K Likes'

Twitter Thread: Woman Builds An Army Of Snow Ducks And Goes Viral

this girl truly has her ducks in a row.
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story about a military dog serving in Afghanistan getting shot in in both hind legs and receiving a medal of honor thumbnail includes two pictures including the dog with the prosthetic paws and another of the dog and his handler kneeling together

Retired Army Dog With Prosthetic Paws Receives Highest Animal Honor Medal

A true hero.
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kind man feeds hungry raccoon in the freezing cold - thumbnail of man sitting and handing out food to army of hungry raccoons

Kind Man Feeds Army Of Hungry Raccoons (Video)

This is madness
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All Ready For Christmas

cat dressed in army uniform learning about how to destroy the christmas tree
Via Cats On Catnip
cute broccoli army Cats - 8179461

Meet Broccoli, The Cheeky Little Kitty Who Gets a Pension From The Swiss Army

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tanks cat photos army Cats - 7508741

Be Aware Of These Cats In Cardboard Tanks Ready To Conquer The World

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animal army memes

These Animals Joined The Army And We All Salute Them (Memes)

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aww hamster obstacle course army Video animal video - 92672257

Cute Little Hamster Takes On The Military Obstacle Course

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owner stare army portrait Cats - 6232837

Lovesick Cat Can’t Stop Staring At A Portrait Of Her Owner Who Left For The Army

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goats photoshop battle army - 5006853

What If Goats Were In The Army

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surprise army Video - 314119

The New York Knicks Surprised an Army Sergeant With His Very Own Service Dog

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Army of Crawlin' Kittehs

army cute kitten - 8177918464
Created by masonmg

But You Took the Last One!

no time to explain grab donkey carrying army - 6815766528
Created by Unknown

It feels ..... right.

right revenge attack military captions tank army Cats - 6725848320
See all captions Created by Debeh

Let's hope Special Ops weeds him out of the program FAST.

mission army military bathroom - 6609840128
See all captions Created by betskand

Sammy Tries to Serve His Country!

pomeranian uniform army - 6684548608
Via Everybody Loves Sammy
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