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Cats Who Are Ready For Battle (21 Pics)

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Purrtector Of The Realm

aww cat kitten cute armor - 9325916672
Via peacefulcat
Two cats with armors

Turn Your Cat Into a Fearless Warrior With a 3D Printed Armor

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Cat Armor

cat armor for real
Via Cats On Catnip
metal medieval sculpture armor Cats protection - 1609477

This Artist Creates Detailed Suits of Armor for Cats That Look Medieval AF

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Your Kindness Shall Be Rewarded

life debt squirrel meme
Via filthymemestealer
armor Cats Video - 75612929

Does Your Cat Need Armor? Just 3-D Print It!

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Dire Dachshund Refuses to Be Killed Off This Season

animals costume Game of Thrones dachshund armor - 8475133952
See all captions Created by thewordpro

Protect Your Weiner

protect-your-weiner funny dog pictures
Via jshannlacey

Experimental Goggie Armor

knitting armor beagle - 6978849024
See all captions Created by jennybookseller

Furry Armadillo?

whatsit armadillo armor scales claws squee furry - 7039415808
Via Environmental Graffiti

Scaly Anteater

Pangolin armor scales squee spree squee - 6739173120

Squee Spree: Roll Along

armadillos armor leathery rolling squee spree - 6517797888

Whatsit: Scaly Whatsit

armor Pangolin scales tree whatsit wednesday - 6511717120
Via Save Pangolins

Squee Spree: Merrily We Roll Along

armadillo armor leathery squee spree - 6511742208
Via Animals

Daily Squee: Squee Spree - Squeemadillo

armadillo armor baby squee squee spree - 6507947520
Via Zoo Mofos
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